bvb, higher block or higher life?


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Nov 28, 2005
bvb, higher block or higher life?

So basically I built my barb around ebotd and he's already 95, so adding more dex is ****. I have way too low dex for block.. my question is whether I should replace my 20 life small charms (lose 220 life) with +2 dex charms for a little higher block or stick with the 220 life for bvb?
1 stat point = 4 life = roughly 10 life after bo
20 lifer = roughly 5 stat points
2 dex sc = 2 stat points
Yes, clearly 20 lifers are more valuable stat wise, but in bvb isn't block > life?
ONLY 75% block works in BvB Block>life
Have you done the 5 stat point quests?
What's your current block % and Life?

As Summerfun suggested, doing the A3 stat quests could help you.
I've done all the quests.

With grief it's like 56% block and 6.1k or so life

with ebotdz it's around 65% with 6.2k or so life

even with 11, 2 dex charms that wouldn't get me to 75%.. i'm thinking maybe replace my 40/15 jewel'd arreats and sheild with ko runes for 20 more dex ?
Sox your SS with Eld.

Yup. Eld is the best, since it saves about 17-19 statpoints, making it easier. Then you could either get a better torch or anni if possible or level up once.

The Eld alone should get you to 71% Blocking.

Also, take into account that each percent of blocking is equal to 2 points in dexterity, so with 11, you would have 1 sc too much.

ah i didn't realize that.. thanks guys

got a 20 stat torch and 1 from perfect anni-- near leveling up though. i'll let you guys know how it turns out after the changes
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