Building my first MF sorc!


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Nov 25, 2004
Building my first MF sorc!

Alright, this is my first real sorc that I've played, and I figure I had better make an MF char so I can get some items. A friend told me his orb/chain lightning sorc does godly in Hell for MFing, and I'm wondering what you guys think would be the best build for an MF char. Could I get a skill layout? I'm thinking I wanna go orb because it's great for groups, and I definitely need a backup spell for when I run into cold immunes. What do you think?
Either go meteor/orb or chain lightning/orb both of these builds work everywhere in hell. If you want a less broad but quicker mf'er go with blizzard and just run andy/meph/ancient tunnels/pindle for quick results.
Agree with Sartook.

If u just want killing speed, then go Blizz Sorc.

Frozen Armor route :

20 Blizzard
20 Glacial Spike
20 Ice Bolt
20 Ice Blast
15+ Cold Mastery

1 Telekenesis
1-5 Teleport
1 Warmth
2 Static field

5+ Cold armor of your choice.

106 skill points at Level 95

Gear - Full Tals set is nice- for MF/ useful + mods.

Options - Nightwings helm with either 5/5 facet, or P/Topaz, rare mf rings with fast cast, and MF, and resys if u need. , ammy - +2 skills with useful mods, fast cast. Boots - War Travellers. Armor - Skullers with P/Topaz. Gloves Magefist, or Chancies if u have 107% fast cast already. Shield - Lidless if u r poor, or need fast cast.

Lightning / Orb

A lot more challenging, I find chain lightning and lightning are not very effective if not fully synergized , same for a fire sorc. Personal preference, but something like this

20 Lightning Mastery
20 Lightning
20 Chain Lightning

17 Cold Mastery
20 Frozen Orb

1 Telekenesis
1 Teleport
2 Warmth
1 Cold armor of choice
4 pre req's (and any other skills u may want)

Its a tighter build 106 skill points at Level 95. (94 from level ups + 12 from quests)

And the damage is nothing special, make sure u have some skillers and or stones of jordan. A successful duel tree sorc is very item dependent.

Also , Lightning sucks mana , so keep that in mind. (especially since u cant have many points in warmth.

This build is frustrating at low levels because of this, but later on u will be ok. ( low level u will run out of mana real fast)
If your going mfin on only bosses such as mephisto. Go pure Blizzard. This is my setup for mine:

Helm: PTopaz Shako
Armour: PTopaz Tal Armour
Belt:Gold Wrap
Weapon: Ist'd Oculus
Shield: StormShield w/ -15%Req Some Resist Jewel
Boot: War Trav
Glove: Chance guard

NO cold skillers at all
20 7%smfc or so

I drop mephisto in around 7-8 seconds if hes not running around and no more than 15 second if he runs around a lot and my blizz rarely hits.

This build isnt TOO expensive and I think it can be managed by subing some of the items for cheaper options

Finds: Over the past 2 days Ive found 3 facets, Hoz, 3 Ormus, Eth hell slayer, Elemental skiller, various medium set stuff, junk.
building the CL/FO sorceress, the first skill you max is FO. Pump your lightning/chain lightning until level 30, then max orb. FO is what does nightmare for you.
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