Build vs. Ubers?


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Aug 3, 2006
Build vs. Ubers?

Hey i'm not the kind of guy who likes elemental damage...mages are stupid to me. I was wondering if i would be able to uber with this.

20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Raise Skeleton Warrior
20 Revive
10 + Golem and Mastery
1 in all curses
5 in CE

Please help...
Good luck. I hope you don't have to leave to heal or get more summons or revives because the ubers regenerate 16K life a second. Which translates into full health if You have to go get several more, especially if you max revive.

You may want to take another lookat those stupid mages and their stupidly insane long duration poison and cold lengths. There are also several other serious flaws in your construction which I think you might find resolved in several other of the threads already up in this forum.
Well...if he could get some open wounds on his merc and managed to keep little waheed alive he could be fine, personally I think that mages just makes this a whole lot easier :azn: .
If it is a build specifically meant for Uber Tristam, you might want to consider only spending one point on CE.

You don't need more than one point in Revive; + skills will most likely get you enough Revives you will ever need. Maybe if you REALLY have points left to spend...

DEFINATELY get 20 points in Mages, even if it's only to stop the regeneration of the Ubers for a longer period of time.

I'd max Golem Mastery, so you can always make an Iron Golem without worries about it's survival. And you need something to spend your points in, after all.

I don't know where I'd put my last points in, maybe just max CE after all...

Hope it helps! :smiley:
You can do it without mages but you'll need your Merc to carry Open Wounds as previously stated.

Key Adds/Changes to your build

1 - Don't even try this without ability to TP.
2 - Seriously pumped up Might Merc. Make sure he has enough resistances to survive Meph. He can't die so take care of him. Give him Duress or some other means of OW.
3 - Use Gumby.. not Iron/Fire golems.
4 - 12 total revives is enough
5 - Make sure you have lots of Udars as your revives
6 - Udars should be present and accounted for during minion roll call
7 - Key revive choices should have a name that starts with a "U" and ends with an "r"
8 - Decrep is a nice curse against the Ubers
9 - Terror/Attract are nice curses against the minions
10 - Be very careful when TPing in Trist to only wake 1 Uber at a time.
11 - Your survival will be tied directly to the longevity of the Udars. When they start to drop... its time to get out of there

Personally, for a pure Uber runner I'd put

20 RS
20 SM
20 Mages
1 Summon Resist
1 Gumby
1 Golem Mastery
1 Revive
1 Each Curse
Rest into Terror

With +skills I'd expect you to have 12-15 revives and a wickedly long Teror curse. With an Uber Merc, stacked resists and smart play you should have no issues in Trist. Just make sure those 12-15 revives are Udars. ;-)
Just wanted to toss in my 2 cents having taken a summoner into Ubertrist quite often.

Skelle mages are awesome, max them. End of sentence.
^^Even more of the above if your Merc uses Infinity.

Terror and attract rule; Put points there instead of CE (only 1).

Mercs tend to just die, even with 40 other targets around. They must have a special scent that makes them irresistible to demons.

About the Urdars: they are really useful, but you dont have to run away if they wear out. Usually by then the uber is poisoned and lower in life so crushing blow doesn't really matter as much. You might want to go get more for #s 2 and 3 uber though.
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