Bugged Axe On Ladder?


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Oct 26, 2004
Bugged Axe On Ladder?

SO weird, i went into a game called "buged axe wtf?" becuase i was curious, (us west ladder) and there was a small axe, the same graphic as a unique hachet, and was gold.

Horadric Staff
Hand Axe
Damage 3-6
Durability ?
50% increased attack speed
10 life
10 mana
fire, cold, lightning res +10
psn res +35

i think it has the same stats as the real horadric staff.

very creepy, maybe hacks are coming back :scared: ill be pretty mad.

edit: oh and the guys name was ACES (character) a necromancer, he said the level1 in hell gave it to him asking to help transfer, and he jacked it.
I believe this happens when you try to upgrade the horadric staff... its the same thing as upping wirts leg... it turns into a hand axe as well...
Woahhhahhh said:
holy moly this stupid barb was buying it for bers. everyone upgrade some staffs! :lol:

This has been quite well known for some times. You know, there are really some players having plenty of time and trying out all the things possible to be done.... :worship:

I think actually the "buyer" may be the partner of the "seller" to convince other players that the "bugged" item is of high value.... :flip:
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