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Broken Links From Old Site

Mar 16, 2020
Should you run across any broken links on the old SPF site, please post them here so they can be investigated.

Here's mine for today:

This is a link in the M/P/G Compilation for necrolemming's LFZon Astra. It's also listed in the previous version, though not in the previous, previous version. I was unable to find the post where this thread was added. The user profile for necrolemming is set to private, so no good finding posted threads there. This was also the only M/P/G write-up for this forumite, so I'm unsure where else I could look to find a correct link. Or perhaps the thread was deleted. I dunno.


Active member
Mar 16, 2020
outta this world
As far as I can tell this thread does not exist. I've tried just about every method that I know of to search for it but to no avail.


Active member
Mar 16, 2020
Buenos Aires
I've come across many broken links in the old site, but I didn't know this thread existed. If I find any more in the future I'll make sure to post them here.