Brand GMB or Windforce?


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Jun 16, 2009
Brand GMB or Windforce?

I'm currently building a LF/Strafe hybrid Amazon, and while I'm not at end-game yet, I'm still trying to decide what my end-game bow should be. Raw physical damage is what I'm after in this case, since it'll be for killing the lightning immunes that LF cannot.

I'll be using a Rogue merc with Faith, so the two options I'm considering are a Brand GMB and Windforce. The Brand looks good because of the high ED (and some more demon ED), plus 35% chance of Amplify Damage, which would shoot the physical damage through the roof.

Windforce has some nice damage as well, plus IAS - and can have a Shael added if I need any more. Also some mana leech and knockback, which are always welcome.

Windforce would also be much, much cheaper (I would assume), but I do have the means to get Brand if it's a good choice.

So, what would you recommend? I'm open to either suggestion. Thanks in advance.
Re: Brand GMB or Windforce?

um'ed wf =D

Thanks for the suggestion. I just used the speed calculator to find out that I wouldn't need a Shael in the WF, so the OW would complement it nicely.

This isnt very good imo, since its "when struck".

You're right, I didn't even notice the "when struck" - I just assumed it was "on striking." That definitely lowers the appeal of it, especially considering the cost. 35% on striking would be a bit silly, when I think about it.

Looks like Windforce is the winner here, thanks for the input.

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