Bramble, ss charm, and rabies question


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Aug 24, 2006
Bramble, ss charm, and rabies question

I currently was looking for a Bramble armor and realized that they were rather hard to come by. So a friend suggested that if I have the runes, I should make it myself. That thought never occured to me. I had about 8 sojs saved up so I figured that it would be "an adventure". So i found a Sur rune that i've had forever and forgotten about (didnt know it was good when i found it, glad i didnt let it go for something stupid) and realized that I also had the other runes it took to make it as well, which made me rather happy. Next, I had to find the armor. I traded some sojs for the armor (sup 512 def dush shroud) and made the armor. i was very excited to find that I had rolled a 47% posion damage bramble! I think it is only lvl 15 thorns, but who cares! its for rabies anyway, not to get hit by.

My problem is this, when I put it on, It raises my rabies damage by 6k from 18k to 24k. i only have 1 ss charm. Do the SS charms really help that much? I see 50k rabies dmg all the time and the 24k dmg is with trangs gloves on as well. Do i simply need a whole lot more ss charms to get my rabies dmg that high? Am i doing something wrong here? This is all on non-ladder west btw
Yah the Shape skillers will deffinatly increase your rabies a lot , if you have 9 shapers , torch, and anni you should be able too get over 40+k rabies.

and you dont even need shape lifers too be effective , try trading for some plain shape gc's and some 20 vit sc's wich are pretty cheap and easy too get.

Then gradually upgrade your Shapers with +life shape gc's.
Thx, I was beginning to worry that I had done something seriously wrong with my build as I often miss something very important, like vitality or something like that.
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