Bramble, fort or zbug coh for summoner merc?


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Nov 20, 2009
Bramble, fort or zbug coh for summoner merc?

Hi, I just got my hands on lvl 21 thorns dusk shroud and a fortitude sacred armour, I have been pondering whether to replace a sweet 2k defence zbug coh on my act 2 might merc...If i use bramble, my merc loses some defence and wont have his full max resists, thus compromising his survivabilty, however a lvl 21 thorns aura for all of my minions is just too tempting to pass by? Any suggestions?
Re: Bramble, fort or zbug coh for summoner merc?

Assuming your running a might merc I'd bet the +2 all skills from CoH is already adding more damage than the thorns aura would.

Fortitude vs. CoH is more of a personal perference. Some people like really big numbers on the character screen and if that's your thing then fort is for you, big def numbers and big damage numbers. CoH is at least as effective in terms of damage but the damage is distributed accross the entire army instead of all being on the merc's damage. In addition CoH adds more survivability which, while not adding to any visable numbers, is a significant boon to the merc.
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