Bowazon armor


Sep 29, 2004
Bowazon armor

My bowazon needs armor. What are some good choices for her. I was thinking Coh but wasn't sure what. The char is mainly pvm and maybe a little pvp for fun.
well ehm what skill do u use ? :scratch:
For guided / multi : 60 ias / mods armor imo
For strafe : check shanksies guide
For fa : coh will do
my guided/multizon uses

Ed/ias helm
ed/ias armor
Cats eye for pvp & highlords for pvm
Windforce (shael)
Crafted bloodbelt
dual raven
Her inv is a mix of dmg / ar and life charms

She kills pretty fast in pvm IMO,maybe not as fast as a good javazon but she gets the job done :)

note : my ama is for pvp purpose
I use a crow caw with a 15IAS jewel. These are the stats on the armor taken from Arreat Summit. I like it.

Defense: 477-534 (varies)(Base Defense: 176-190)
Required Level: 37
Required Strength: 86
Durability: 36
+150-180% Enhanced Defense (varies)
15% Increased Attack Speed
15% Faster Hit Recovery
35% Chance of Open Wounds
+15 Dexterity
I use Runeword 'Smoke' on my strafezon, and it works well for her with her other stuff. Plus the runes are cheap. The only expensive part is getting 2os light elite armor.

Those two are really the only zon armors for pvp.

PvM you can use some cheap 60ias armor.

But, multi/ga is pretty weak for pvm.
Strafe is better, and you can basically use anything you want and still kill, as long as you have a decent bow and Laying of Hands.
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