Bow PVP Strategy


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Aug 14, 2009
Bow PVP Strategy

Hi. I recently rebuilt my bow zon (Bluntbluntblunt USWest Ladder) and am having a lot of trouble. Obviously, the regular culprits bring doom to the zero-vita bowie, like auradins, summon necros and windy druids. I fully expect to die in these fights, but I'm curious as to how other bowies deal with smiters and bvc barbs? These are my two biggest challenges: I have time to get off 20-25 GA's before a smiter reaches me, but they're usually only at half life by that time and I die instantly. The zon certainly isn't maxed out, but I really just have to get lucky with the crits and (lack of) blocks.
Likewise, BvC is absolutely brutal. Even if I can keep moving and shoot while the barb is in WW-Lock, eventually the HUGE range on their weapons gets me, even if I'm running in one direction and he WWs in the opposite.

Basically, anyone have any tips in terms of taking down these beasts?
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