Bone/Summoning Necro review?


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Dec 14, 2006
Bone/Summoning Necro review?

Hi, I recently made a necro since I found nearly everything I needed to build one from key runs.

+3 summon ammy + life
shako (um'd)
2x soj's
nigma dusk shroud
arm of king L (15res all jewel) / CTA
homunculus (Um'd and Up'd) / spirit monarch

inventory: 3x summoning GCs

act 2 might merc
bramble dusk shroud
eth cryptic axe infinity
dream bone visage

My skill tree is as follows:

20 skel mastery
20 raise skel
1 raise mage
1 revive
1 gumby
1 prereq
1 golem mastery

1 amp damage
1 prereq
1 prereq
1 decrepify

1 teeth
12 corpse explosion
20 bone spear
20 bone spirit

NOTE: I still have 19 points left and I haven't chosen whether to put them into bone spear or bone armor. Defense vs. offense, really. I figured the spear would help out the spirit, but since this is PvM build and my merc can begin my army in act 1 hell, I probally don't need the extra damage? Boss fights is all I can guess. Ideas?
I think that 1 pt into summon resists is recommended by most guides, as it makes your skellies last much, much longer. Also, Angst has a guide on bone/summoners, which is an interesting read.

I was about to ask if such a build was feasible in sp/sc/untwinked, and will be following the thread with much interest. Specifically, how low can you go on points in RS/SM before they no longer are able to stand their ground in hell, and putting those points into either Bone Prison or Bone Wall to get crowd control that synergizes the Spears and Spirits.

I took a pure summon to patriarch, but he was twinked. Would this kind of build cut it without any substantial goodies?

I would put your remaining points into bone wall or prison, thereby synergiezing both armor and you bone spirit/spear. I would also strongly advise putting one point into summon resist.

To answer the question of wether these builds are viable in singl player untwinked, the answer is somewhat. I mean, with 20/20 into skele and skele mast, you can solo hell, and spear /spirit will help you there somewhat, but your dmg will be very low untwinked and you will have to choose between bone damage, and minion damage, so it would be feasible, just not the fastest killer.
You want to use Infinity... and you do not max Mages ?

I am currently working on the same kind of build (mostly untwinked with only Homunculus, blackhand key, necro self found shako, necro self found viper, +2P&B 10 FCR ammu, rest is crap)

I preferred to max Bone prison instead of Bone Spirit, because it acts as synergy to Bone spear (same amount 7% /lvl) and Bone armor (+15 /lvl) at the same time.
The choice between BSpear and Bone Spirit is really individual..but as you do not make a pure Bone necro, one has to make a choice. Either u spend less mana, do less dmg /hit but you have the pierce capability of the Bspear which is nice in corridors or you go the spirit route and its automatic targetting.

EDIT : ah yes, 1 pt in summon resist is golden point.

As I wanna go Physical dmg with Skel... then I 'll use Pride /bramble on might merc or as now with a faith rogue merc. I have only 2 pts in mages and they die often.

In the end, with the setup you have, it will be piece of cake anyway... but as wrote Bogie, it will not be the fastest killer. A full 20 Skel, 20 Mage goes faster, specifically when Infinity helps the mages.

According to some thread Infinity > pride + beast on necro. According to the calculator I have
Pride + beast = 10 K dmg and even x 2 with AMP
Infinity = 5 K when Enemy resistance is -100%
But I had no time yet to read why Pride may have some problems.
mages are fround upoun due to their low damage and low hp's

what you really need is just
20 skele mastery
20 summon warrior
1 clay golem (for act bosses)
1 summon magi
1 blood golem
1 iron golem
1 revives (if you want the extra meat shields)
1 golem mastery
1 summon resists
10 curses (1 in each is all thats needed)
---57pts used---
The rest you can divi-up on bone skills if you like, I would strongly go with 20 CE and finish this fishy mancer, the bone-necro lost way too much power with the loss of the marrowalks bug. But if you like you can flat out bonemancer and splash some summoner with the extra points (if any)
Well i stopped right at the start of 1.11 (just returned days ago) but i had a bone/summon necro as shown here:

If u want to do the Insight iron golem trick then that would ensure endless bone spell spamming and remember even w/o marrows hell monsters have no immunity vs magic as opposed to elemental damage (cept Wailing beasts and a few rare ones) Spear also pierces lots of monsters so with good aim, fcr and Insight this build still rocks :p Cheers
Whoops, forgot to add the summon resist. Of course I have a point in that :grin:

What's the iron golem/insight trick?

What should my inventory look like? A bunch of FHR and Life charms? Or Summoning GCs? Or both?
Well the iron golem/Insight trick is to make an iron golem out of an Insight runeword polearm. It does not have to be an elite polearm i.e halberds, partizans would do as it is mostly tagging along for the Mediation aura :p This would seem dangerous in theory but with this build merc, summons and if you have enigma teleing the golem would only die if one is careless or if the golem is Iron Maidened by OB Knights. For PvM a mixture of summon/PnB GCs would be nice. Add Gheeds GC and mfscs if u wanna go Pit and Act boss hunting :p Some pure bone necros wouldn't dream of getting in game w/o 125fcr but i can vouch that this build does well with 75fcr! These days anni and Ntorch would really give lots of +skills/resists to this build and i see Ntorches going rather cheap hehe
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