bone necro's potential?


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Sep 6, 2003
bone necro's potential?

Well I haven't seen many bone necros since the "fix" of the marrowwalks glitch. However, I have seen some and they seem to be wearing spirits. So I assume they are at 125fcr. Now I was thinking of having a char for all-around cannot be sorbed pvp char and a pitrunner/etc. I was thinking of making a v/t for that pvp char, but then pcombats are so expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford it anytime soon. So that's when I thought about the bone necro. He can pvp as well as pitrun (I like pitrunning with like 50mf, it's fun). But then I'm not sure if necros can still be as effective.

With my equipment plan:
wiz spike
35% spirit
sandstorm treks
2x sojs
cta/lid on switch (or maybe get a 2nd spirit later for bo switch)
6x pnb gcs (I'll most likely aim for ones with 20-30 life, or 6 str)
anni, ntorch

My bone spear and spirit damage only turn out to be 3600 which is basically 600 per hit. It's not bad but it's not good. I remember my necro in 1.10 hit 6k damage. So I'm just here to ask for advice and your own experiences. I might tweak the build later to at least hit 4k later. I plan to have no block because spirit monarch has only 42%. I had 125% cast in 1.10, and it was a good advantage, but maybe that advantage is balanced out with my low damage.

In summary, my basic question is:
Is a bone necro effective with 3.6k damage?
yes. but you will need to use corpse explosion a lot for PvM (1 point +skills is enough). Also an insight merc is a must since a bone necro is a mana-hog. If you can get that 125 fcr it will help a lot especially when teleporting. It's a good idea to put 1 point in summon tree skills to get some Revived. Also get the Decrepify curse for bosses. I pump up Bone Wall/Prison too. Try crafted boots. The "Hit Power" and "Caster" ones can be pretty awesome for a Bone Necro.
Thanks for the input, but I plan to use ebotd gspear on my merc. Back in 1.10, my necro had 125% cast (I won't talk about his gear setup, as they incorporated dupes, nevermind that though. I'm on ladder now so..) And he teleported great. What I loved was invisible bspirit to give me an advantage and set up traps of sorts. That still works right? Mana was never a problem to me, besides I can always use pots. Wiz spike and spirit will add a lot of mana. I was thinking about getting decrepify and if it has a nice use in pvp I will get it. But if it is strictly for pvm, I can easily put an eth reapers on my merc. I was planning to get revives as well.
My all around necro set-up =)

3/20/2 helm w/ shael shael
2/16fcr ammy w/various other stats
mp nigma
Wizzy w/15 res and str jewel (is swapped for either spirit or white wand for certain duels)
SS (is swapped for spirit when dr not needed)
etreks (gonna get some good rares)
Magefist (better than trangs IMO, bone necs burn mana sooooooo fast)
SoJ x2

GCs were enough FHR to hit 86 bp, rest lifers. 5 res all scs some with life.

With this set-up I can VERY easily switch from a DR type build to a stacking resist type build, even switch around to get much higher fhr for trappers with spirits or more bone damage for other necs/hammerdins. VERY usefull all-around.
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