Bone necro worth trying?


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Jun 24, 2006
Bone necro worth trying?

Hi. I'm thingking of starting a bone necro, but after a couple of calculation i realized, that with +20 skills and everything maxed i can make only 4-5K damage with bone spear.This is ok for PvP, but what about PvM?Is a bonemancer good at PvM, hell cows, just killing around in hell difficulty?

I got one with 125% fast cast and insight merc. If you join a party, he'll rock lots. Curse everybody and blow away corpses. If you want to solo hell, you'll have to run a lot, dodge missiles, spam spirits, cast golem for decoy, spam decrepify, blow corpses in chain, cast attract or dim vision when there are too many monsters, terror when things get really ugly, lifetap when merc gets swarmed...

Of course, some of this might change if you put 1 pt into revive. But otherwise a bone necro soloing hell is one heck of a click-fest.

Oh, but the best thing is... NECRO PWNZ TEH ANICINTS :rolleyes:
Bone necs are pretty boring PvM IMO.

Amp, let golem/merc tank and prison any stragglers. Fire spear until mob drops. Spam CE. Repeat.
repeat and own.

From my experience, Hell isn't too difficult for a bone Necro. Usually, my spear is enough to take out individual targets pretty quickly, and CE becomes more of a crowd control utility.

The only thing my bonemancer (lvl 82 at this point) worries about is gloams.
Bonemancers seem to be (theorteically) more geared towars PvP combat. The reason for this was/is the wonderful bone cage. The downside is that now Enigma and hence teleport is running rampant. For PvM the damage output isn't great and so on, but it is plausible to solo hell with a bone necro. I just opted not to build one since summoners seem to work so well *shrugs*
With 7 points into the summon tree for some meatshields, you can be fine with a bonemancer PVM, ive taken mine for a long way (through the game :p), spamming teeth and spear can actually take down mobs pretty quickly with some meatshieds, so if you have good enough gear, id say go for it!
okay.i strated a boney on a hard way.He is now lvl 14 on HC.:D
I deceided hc because i almost add every stat into vita, and maxed bone armor with synergies makes a lot of damage absoprbtion AND while below65 lvl(enigma)
i can gunt down the evil player killers(PK h8R).
Try finding a wand with 2sock, + revive and dec.. then you will save alot of points, and make a white ^^
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