Blue Druids Dueling League


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Dec 2, 2006
Blue Druids Dueling League

check this...

ive been shopping lately looking for a jewelers phase of quickness and it started to get me thinking. what if there was a dueling leaque just for druids using all magical items. no rares, sets, uniques or crafted and no runewords ^^. it would be kinda crazy. the only allowed items would be magicals: items, charms, jewels.

it would require alot of thinking when making your character and alot of shopping. everyones build would be unique because of no uniques or runewords. think, the ultimate fury weps be cruel phase of quickness and cruel fanged of quickness. and to have a 4 frame FC bear the only possible wep would be a jewelers phase of quickness. maybe since resist would be such a problem it could be only physical dmg druids such as, maul, hunger, fury, etc. truth is, it would be alot easier to get the elemental dmg with this stuff because of the charms than it would be for physical.

the best part about it would be that each and everyone ones druid would be original and unique. hmm, maybe runes could be allowed in it, to give the resist and dmg reduce so all type of melee druid would be allowed.

think of a fury wolf with a cruel fanged knife of quickness, jewelers monarch of delfecting, jewelers plate of stability, +2 helm with some good plus skills, plus 3 skill ammy with life, two rings with attack rating, you know lol ^^. damn... i just think it would be so fun lol.

what ya guys think
almosty everyone wolf would try for any kinda cruel of quickness to hit a decent frame =D

edit: and it would make weapons like grinding fanged knife or quickness sought after too. alot more than just cruels and what not. i think i might make one anyways just for the heck of it =D

if this get serious we can set up rules and everything.

edit: maybe no charms would be allowed? classic never needed em ^^
so only blue items, jewels, and runes. and to ensure the opponent didnt have charms, they would show their stash full of items =D

i better go find me a +3 shape shift 90 life helm and a lvl 1 enchant charge weapon lol
Gems too?
I think the runes should be limited to a lvl. Otherwise I can already imagine the whole point of this thing going down the drain. Meaning Ber'd armors, Cham'd weapons, etc. Probably allow zod though, the poor thing has suffered quite some abuse in 1.11, and its actually quite useful.

Im in ill start collecting blue items for werewolves.
hmm, we need to figure out a set of rules for this. ive already begun searching for blues for my wolf.

i think we need to discuss the use of runes. i know if all runes are allowed ill try probably cham a piece of armor, and enough ber for DR and shael for FHR and then some runes for vit. hmm dunno, should we allow gems?

what do you guys think, lets try to lay down a whole set of rules so when we get this going people who join will have a gyst of what to go by. some topics of discussion.

charms? i think charms shouldnt be allowed because they can boost up a move liek fireclaws or rabies just way too much. the purpose of this is kinda trying to make your character just from all his magical armors. but thats me, what do you guys think?

gems? i think gems are actually a good idea, ide like a p ruby in my armor and helm =D

runes? should we allow all? some? i know some runes like shael are needed, maybe we could allow a cap on PDR? like 25% (or 3 bers 24%). since alot of us may be using lower than normal dmg weps, ie grinding fanged knife of quickness, and magic items dont really supply big dmg boost.

jewels? i think maybe all jewels(except facets and rares) should just be allowed just cause they make stuff look cool ^^, and ed/ias jewels will boost up our wacky blues weps.

help me out kiba and dodo ^^
ide like a set of rules before i make my fury wolf (awoooo)
ima make a new wolf just for this n_n

so far im looking for any decent cruel of quickness that will hit 5 frames with 2 shaels for a weapon
jewelers armor of stability
sturdy belt of stability
jewelers monarch
+3 ss ammy with life
+3 ss helm with life
Is there going to be a lvl cap for this? I'm not a big fan of HLD. However, this seems rather interesting so I'd be willing to HLD.

Charms shouldn't be allowed. Some people can get shape lifers pretty easily : /

Runes are an interesting problem. Disallowing them balances the system somewhat yet really makes the matches drag on.

I don't think any PDR would work. The most someone will be pulling (unless Titan) should be ~6k (I think). After PVP penatly that's about 800 dmg. Factor in max block (which most will have) and you have pretty shoddy dmg :p.
verashiden, you make some nice points.

i think runes add some originality to peoples builds though. where some will have shaels others will have kos and fals and jahs and what not. i dont think there should be a lvl cap, just incase anyone wants to use one of their old druids whom happens to be say lvl 90.

i think charms are too easy to come by where as a magical belt with strength and life will require some shopping around, literally shopping npcs ^^
so i think charms shouldnt be allowed at all

why do you think physical dmg reduction would work? i dont really understand, but maybe ber could be the one rune banned?

my main issue is, should this be limited to ONLY physical dmg dealing druids???
how are these rules?

Only Magical items may be equipped
NO charms of any kind
All Runes are allowed
Gems are allowed
Only magical jewels may be used
Only Shapeshifters are allowed

hows that for a set of rules?
Yea, I think no Bers, and maybe some other runes should be banned to stop this from turning into a gong show. As for gems, they give good bonuses, are often overlooked, and definitely available to everyone. Charms should also be banned, as we're trying to gear more toward an old school/ unique type of equip setup, and it seems charms would also be more of a rich man's thing, and not equally available to all commers. (the equality / uniqueness is what we're looking for right?)

The phys dmg part sounds pretty decent as well, mostly because I really don't feel like chasing around rabiers lol. However, this does put some limitations on build diversity, so I don't really see much problem to FC or the like?

A good lvl for about like 80 or so, decent enough for skills, and not overly dragged out.

Also, this should probably be held on USeast since we need some druids, and its warmer here anyway. Also almost all gear is shopped so yay for coming over, and some of you guys have too many funds for this on West for me not to be scared lol. That and I may have already some gear for this on East...
Or is this a multi-realm thing? Not sure if there's enough of us spread out for this to work?

this should be done on one realm. that is a good idea to get us together, you know if this works out we can allow zealots and other melee chars with magical items, that would be cool ^^

ok ites definate charms are not allowed.
80 is a decent lvl cap, but it would be cool to have a lvl 99 with all blue ^^
lets discuss some reasons as to pros and cons of having a lvl cap.

and as for runes, what runes should be banned? definately not shael ^^ lol
we should discuss this.

we should maybe make a poll as to what realm it should be on, and find out who will play if they have to switch realms.

i agree that chasing around a raby wolf would be annoying. but a 4 emerald shield maybe would help against a raby wolf ^^.

main areas of discussion so far:
what runes banned?
what realm?
I'm in. = P
East or West don't matta' to me

oh yeah, are windy/fire hybrids allowed? Say, you make a Fury wolf that has tornado can u use tornado for flexibility at times?
Pets allowed too right...
I could max Grizzly and HoW and go Fury and no one wouldn't complain if the grizzly slugs them right?
not about being cheap,just about originality, being unique, bring pvp to is basics, and having a whole lot of fun ^^. anyone can shop a jewelers armor and find a decent frame druid weapon. its about people going and shopping magical items and making a druid out of it and having fun. ive spent a couple hours shopping now and found a 3 soccet 10 life helm and some nice weps i would use.

i know ide much enjoy seeing what weapons people would be using =D

true though that those 30max jewels and jewelers of stability/life arent cheap.
but i know ide spend alot to get a ferocious/grandmasters/cruel/ and even fools fanged knife of quickness for my guy. ide probably soccet shaels and ruby's in most my stuff ^^

but i do know, that even though its only magical items, some of them can get hella pricy. Oo
as of right now theres not really any set rules. except all magical items, and no charms. as for the rest, we have to wait until we get a little group together then discuss rules, ie allowed build, banned runes, what realm, etc

i dont see anything wrong with having your bear running around, cept he might do some major dmg to someone in all magical items lol
as for the elemental tree everythign just unclear yet. ide like more of a shapeshifting only deal but its not up to just me =D
Ladder :p.

also, the bear should be fine. I could always use a leech target XD.
I would love this! but im on europ so if this happens on east/west i would have to start from nothing....
but im in
well im startin my druid from scratch. shopping all my items of larzuk mainly and act 2 and probably gonna soccet all shaels and p rubys. i just want a decent 4 frame weapon. but i realised before i and others start shopping around we should decide what realm. how does west sound ^^ anybody that wouldnt play if it was in west? we really need to choose a realm ><
so how does this sound for runes... every rune allowed all the way up to fal +zod?
it gives us runes with resist, speed, ar and all some good stats and leaves out all the modifiers like open wounds, deadly strike, crushing blow.

so these would be the rules as of now:

1) ShapeShifters only, and summons are allowed.
2) Only magical items may be equipped
3) No charms what so ever
4) Only jewels allowed are magical, no rare and unique
5) Any rune up to Fal is allowed, all runes beyond are banned WITH THE
7) All gems are allowed
8) Lvl cap of 80
9) No mercenaries
10) HAVE FUN!!!!

the ten commandments ^^

good reason for a lvl cap is because it may be harder to get above lvl 80 with only magical items, especially for those whom switch realms because they wont be able to use items to lvl from their other characters(since they wont have any ^^)

please tell me what you think of the listed rules above! =D

and if this starts on west ill trade a couple trapper/life charms for a huge surplus of shaels and p gems so i can help everyone out n_n
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