Blood Star does Physical not Magical Damage

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Nov 5, 2006
Blood Star does Physical not Magical Damage

When fighting against Succubus (Hell Temptresses/Stygian Furies) in Hell, I realized I could absorb via my bone armor and block some shots from the otherwise extremely powerful Blood Star they use.

So, this would mean that Amp Damage would be the choice if you revive these demons?

And a more difficult question, since this is somehow an attack that is physical-based, would Skeleton Mastery increase the damage of these revives?
For this is the very same reason the Succibi use the defense lowering curse, so that their shots can land.

The greatest thing about such revived is that after you curse monsters, they will not override your curse and will be happy with whatever curse your using.

I would still like to know the effect of SM on these monsters (perhaps a high level SM would be useful for PK'ing.
well, from my experience the attack is purely physical, but it also always hits, though it can be blocked, so I dont think that lower defense would really effect their attack at all, I think its just a means of getting at melee chars, just like blood mana is a way at getting to casters.
Sweet, then in PvP part of their damage simply cannot be resisted easily without hybrid resistance gear, and I'll be able to topple players with 80k defense just as easily.

Then SM would only increase part of their damage as well?

Their Lower Def must be intended for their melee (kicking) attack then.
I checked recently, Blood Star seems to be able to kill Physical Immune Ghosts without the help of Amp. I'm sure the Hell Temptresses I revived were not Fire/Cold/Light Enchanted. So it would be good on a Lower Resist / Lord of Magi build.

So it seems to be 50% Physical, 50% Other Element.
i always thought it was 50/50 fire/physical.

if you are really interested, try asking in the statistics forum.
I'm pretty sure that they only cast Amp if they are Cursed.
i think you are correct, with the exception of the succubi-type creatures in the matrons den, they cast amp almost exclusively everytime i go after lillith.
Anyone notice the Hell Temptresses fire slightly bigger projectiles than the Stygian Furies like Hell Witches? They seem to do slightly more damage too.

On Arreat Summit those two monsters are listed under two seperate classes. No damage listing is given on the ranged attack, though.

Someone verify this for me, Thanks
I have been seconded

pretty sure their attack is 50% physical and 50% magical
I'm pretty sure we've talked about this in Statistics at least one clarified time, but that may have been lost in whatever accident from ages gone by. One way to make sure, though. Mount up with the gear necessary to reduce almost all physical damage (Amicae Nation) and have a safety shield on switch - then test away. Of course, we can just move this discussion to Statistics or direct Orphan/RTB/whoever to this thread.

But I'm wondering why everyone keeps talking about making a blood star build when characters can't cast the spell, only succubi. Unholy bolts, from greater mummies, are completely magic - just like Holy Bolt. You can die pretty damn quick from an onslaught of those, and I think we've all witnessed it, first hand or otherwise. Just the same, I've had high PhRes and still almost gotten killed by waves of blood stars. Blood lords know I've lost many a mercenary.

Leo and I are firmly on 50/50, and I don't think fire has anything to do with it since I never see a fire animation when I'm hit by one.

A Bone Spirit / Blood Star build would use Revive on Succubi to enable use of Blood Star. Just focus on areas that are heavily populated by Succubi such as Pit of Archaeon, Frozen Tundra, Worldstone Levels 1 and 3 and Throne, and Matron's Den. Back to D1 days.

Blood Lords do Physical and Magical damage together, right, as listed on the Arreat Summit.

Anyone know the difference between Hell Furies and Hell Temptresses? They are listed under seperate monster classes and one seems to do more damage and fire bigger Blood Stars.
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