Blizz/TS... Will it work?


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Aug 30, 2009
Blizz/TS... Will it work?

- Single Player build. Skip the first 2 paragraphs if you want to read less.

Ok, I've played with most of the classes since I bought D2, and built up a good number of high-end items, so I think it's time to make a build I can rely on for ease of use, MF, and leveling as high as I feel like going. Every time I try a different class, I always come back to the first one I ever played- Sorceresses, so I guess I already have the class down.

I already have a Mat'd Meteorber- fun, and strong, but I still can't put my finger on what she's lacking. (Maybe I hate the fire tree...) I also don't want to make a single element sorc because I already went down that painful road. (Light sorc + no infinity = frustration to say the least). I have 2 ideas for builds I want to do.

The gear: +2 to Masteries, + 12 to Cold Tree, +11 to Light Tree

Full Tal's Set,2x SOJ, 35 fcr Spirit, Magefist, War Travs. (CTA + Spirit on switch).
2x Cold skillers, 1x Light skiller
Merc will use Stone/Vamp Gaze/Reaper's

0 Dex/Energy, Str to 156 for Monarch, Rest Vita

20 TS
20 LM
20 Blizz
20 Blizz Synergy
12 CM (26 after +skills, add 1 perf facet for 27 = -150%)
1 Warmth, Telekinesis, Teleport, 1 in each prereq
If gotten to level 99, 7 leftover to add to any Blizz Synergy

Some numbers according to a calc I checked: (all rounded)

TS Damage: ~1700 - ~2200 (272 Seconds, frequency should be 1.32)
Blizz Damage: ~2600 - ~2700
Blizz (Clv99): ~3100 - ~3200


Now the main question is, would this even be effective? I only ask because I havn't seen a guide on this at all, because Light/Cold sorcs are generally Blizzard/Nova or CL/FO.

Basically, my tossup is between this idea, or a CL/FO build. Does this build have potential, or should I just go with a standard CL/FO?
Re: Blizz/TS... Will it work?

TS hit only one target and can't cast fast like nova,
It will be very dangerous when facing CI monsters
Re: Blizz/TS... Will it work?

sounds like good build, but i TS is going to be a pain without controlling it.

i suggest to try fo + bolts + cl ( my build for ladder reset ), should be fast and great at boss killing ( cb is GOOOOOOOD at that )

and i would recommend eth gbane as armour on merc. ( cbf, res and dr, what more can you ask for merc armour? )
Re: Blizz/TS... Will it work?

Ts is not reliable for killing immunes. Also, your blizz damage will suffer alot from so little synergies and no +cold damage%. You'll be ablt to kill non-CI's fine, but you will not mf as well as the other sorcs
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