Better items for my zon?


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Nov 12, 2006
Better items for my zon?

What items should I be looking at getting for my zon to make her better? Right now I have the following on her. Its a PvM hybrid zon. Dont duel to much.

Bow: Faith GMB 14fana
Helm: 120/24 ias bone visage
Armor: Fortitude Wire Fleece
Ammy: Highlords
Gloves: Rare gloves 20ias, 2 bow skills, some other resistances
Rings: Raven/ Manald 7%
Belt: Nos Coil
Boots: Gore Riders

Javs: Titans
Shield: 40/15max Storm Shield

What should I look at trying to find now?
Cats eye instead of Highlords

2 ravenfrost (have a dual leech ring handy for pvm,)

Get 20 ias kb gloves, kb is really important
Craft gloves with 3ml and 20ias/KB, that will be plenty to keep the blue ball full. This will allow you to use 2 ravenfrost rings or switch out to a wisp ring for light absorb when you run thru Worldstone. I use 3% ml off rare gloves/20ias, life leech comes from Andy's and 8% worked fine, I upgraded to a 10% and I see no difference. My gear set up is not all that much different from yours. Virility was my first ama and was therefore a hybrid(switching to titan's etc). I no longer use jav skills.

You did not mention your choice of merc. If you have problems with leeching an easy source of damage could come from a might merc(eventually wielding Pride polearm). You can read the merc threads for other opinions.

You have a great set up going, should be alot of fun.

Ok. Now time to find some ml/KB/ias gloves:D Hope they dont cost me to much, heh.
Ditch the Nos coil for a Razortail. Being a hybrid, I'm assuming that means Lightning Fury on the Jav side of things. Razortail = 100% (or near) Pierce, which means hugely more damage on crowds.

The Bow side of you will love the Razortail too. Pierce rocks.
I just got the nos coil for the 10% ias. Dont I need that 10% to have the max fps w/ the Faith GMB with 14fana?
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