best use for Nightwing's Veil?


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Jul 19, 2005
best use for Nightwing's Veil?

I found a Nightwing's Veil last night and I'm considering building a character around it. But which character suits it best? I don't have much wealth. I though cold sorc, but if I build a cold sorc I'll probably want to mf with it and then a shako is better. Cold zon? But I can't afford ice. Frost zealer? Perhaps, but I've got a tesladin so I'm in no hurry to make something along the same lines. So perhaps a wind druid? Let me know what you think
An arctic blast Druid would be great, unfortunately they're bugged into suckarse hell.
I suppose I could do a non-mf cold sorc, but somehow it feels weird!
Which unique bows suit a frostmaiden, can Melody be end game gear?
mine uses a cta cause ice is apparently impossible to get nl..but ideally itd be ice

a nice melody would also work, as would all the normal cookie-cutter endgame bows; faith, windforce, lycanders, mavs..its all just really personal preference.
Sorry to get into bows in this forum, but anyway. I can't afford cta or faith, and Melody looks better than lycander's or mav's on paper. I guess that's the problem, ice is as synonymous with a frostmaided as grief is with a smiter. It's almost silly to build one if you don't have it
How the hell is Shako better than Nightwings for a cold sorceress? MF or no MF, I'd still pick the NW.

I'm seeing if a Kuko Shakaku is end-game viable for a Frostmaiden. It's got all the things one needs in a frosty bow, namely +3 bow skills and 50% Pierce, and Shael'd it's not as slow anymore.

Melody in a +3 bow skill MB would rock out hard for a Frosty, +6 bow skills is almost unbeatable on a bow (a magic can get +6 and 40% IAS, IIRC, as well as 2 (?) sockets for Facets)

Best use for the Nightwing: Give it to me! :laugh:

I've seen wind druids toting them, I guess to give a little kick to their Hurricane damage (the oh-so-godly damaging skill that it is in the first place).
Does + cold damage affect chance to cast spells like frozen orb from rift or voice of reason? If that is the case I'm making a riftadin!
Mine uses a Lycander's and a M'avina's, both self-found. They're pretty decent.
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