Best use for CoH?


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Apr 2, 2004
Best use for CoH?

Hi guys,

I was wondering what character would put a CoH armor at best use?
I figured out javazons but Id like some other opinions.

i dont see why an orb orc a blizz sorc couldnt use it too, for mf'ing purposes for better security than skullders fe.
sorcs are pretty nice with it.

Possible for maxed resists :D
Yes but the leech and the extra damage are 'lost' modes.
I thought of a trap/MA hybrid assas, they could use it at full capacity.
They were the armor melee characters would dream about. With the introduction of Duress it became a bit too expensive for what it adds, tough, specialy if resist jewelry or charms is not a problem. Still, it's a great armor.
Very nice armor for a merc who has to tank elemental damage. The +skills to auras or such would make it an excellent act 2 merc armor.

Well, if you're asking what player character, I'd say it's good for baal running sorcs.
My barb wears CoH in a sacred armour. 232 str req is steep, but if you can afford CoH you can probably afford other items to make up for investing so heavily in strength. I don't know about PvP, but PvM it is absolutely wonderful: it does everything (1000 def, leech, damage reduction, extra damage, resists, mf, skills...).

Maybe it is a great armour for a pit running bowazon.

1. Everything is either a demon or undead
2. (Pit) Bowazons tend to have very poor resists. This would help out, somewhat (with just 3 Anya quests you make it back to about 0!). The unique critters with elemental mods wouldn't be so worrying (and in the pit the only real worry is an annoying boss or two).

Also a good armour for builds that don't use a shield (shapeshifting Druids, perhaps).
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