Best rusher build?


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Dec 9, 2006
Best rusher build?

I have practicaly no good items for my characters and if I am going to get anything good I want to start hell rushing for some good runes.

What is the best build for rushing? How item dependent would it be, because I have virtually no items as I've said before.
I'd say it's Classic Orb/Meteor -sorc.
Really easy way to get hf-chars in lvl 1 to hf.
Yup, you'll want to be able to teleport unless you happens to have an Enigma lying around you'll be better of with a sorc.

And when it comes to hell you will need to be dual elemental specced, and a Meteorb should be one of the best in that category. CL/FO can work aswell if you're one of those who don't like meteor and fireball spells.
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