best place to find 5os eth lance?


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Nov 27, 2004
best place to find 5os eth lance?

Hi,im wondering wheres the best place to find a eth 5 sock lance?also where is the best places to find a eth 5 sock knout and naga? thx :thumbsup:
cows nm with javazon.
high density of monsters and high enough to drop those items.

regards jedi
Just try the socketing recipe with any ethereal lance you find - assuming it's dropped by a L41+ monster. Nightmare cows seems to be a good place for that, as already said.
Perhaps nm cows can only drop items with up to 4 sockets, but they have a level greater than 40 and according to this list, a lance will get 6 sockets from Larzuk, so it should be possible to get 5 or 6 with the cube recipe. That's a list from 1.09 and it's not 100% correct anymore, but I'm sure it's still valid with respect to lances.
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