best nm cow drop/rune?


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Nov 27, 2004
best nm cow drop/rune?

anyone know what are the best items that can drop in nm cows? and the highest rune. i just got pul from them,actually i got dol,lum,pul all in one game,cows seem to be a good place for runes :thumbsup: .
Wow super lucky in the rune drops. Dont expect that to happen at all. In fact the next 10 runs you probably wont even see a rune. Dont think rune drops like that are the norm.

Btw congrats on the drops. Wish i was that lucky...

the only places that drop runes are cows n countess ( runes that are n e good ) and the odds of getting anything good from ether is so slim id just do runs n get items n trade items 4 runes i did like 20 countess runs and got nothing cept like 5 shaels pindle did a few runs and got a +2 skill valor only yo lose it in a scam later in the day :lol: oh well ill get sum otha stuff

forges are good but u need a nice rushing char


like mwha
i run cows constantly with my javzon. bout 3 weeks ago i got 2 mal runes in matter of 24 hrs. of course since then i havent seen a run above dol drop.
its all luck, of course in the dry runs i still found good charms, jewels , etc.!!!

The best rune that can drop in nm cows is Ist with a probability of 1 in 1.2 million in a single player game or 1 in 500,000 in a 8 player game. Onlylight mana potions and minor mana potions are less probable to drop :lol:
A few weeks ago I got an ist to drop for me in NM cows. I was pretty amazed then. After reading the odds about it, i'm even more impressed.

It was an 8 playing baal game which I ran the cows duriing.
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