Best MF'er After Sorc?


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Sep 20, 2003
Best MF'er After Sorc?

Hey guys,

I was just curious, who would be the best MF'er after a Sorc?

Probably a Summoner.
Summoner? I think Hammerdin to be hounest, was my first char and then I stripped him to make my light sorc. Remaking my hammerdin soon, also, hammerdins are ALOT of fun. (If you put your mind to it, dueling isn't too bad either)
I always wanted to make a Hammerdin, but making a build too powerful is as bad for me as making it too weak.
They're overpowered so it's no fun for me to play. I like a bit of a challenge.
Next best?

I was using my Javazon there for a while because she was more durable then my sorceress, but I'm only using my sorceress now. Why go with "next best"?

Just to be different?

I'd have to agree with the fellow who said hammerdin . . . if he had an enigma! Then they both get there fast, they both kill fast. The only question is who would have more magic find?

A really "strong" hammerdin has some high end equip, which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for magic find percentage.

My sorceress has max block, max resistances and 450% magic find, but she is NOT the killer a hammerdin is!

Make what you like! Luck is luck, you never know what you will find with what character! Anyone can get lucky with anything! Just go out and have fun!

Are there any other effective MF Sorc builds besides Orb/Blizz/Meteorb? How's lightning?

Possibly, Barbs, but I kind of want a caster to be my MF char. How are Assy's, particularly Trapsins, as MF'ers?
Being able to hork is nice, but Barbs are fairly equipment-dependent. I suppose if you're rich anything is possible though.
I don't think I'll make a Barb anyways, I would like my MF char to be ranged at least. What other variants of Sorcs make good MF'ers besides Blizz/Orb/Meteorb Sorcs?
Anything that can kill fast, basically.
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