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Best MF Necro? Build & Gear


Sep 17, 2006
Best MF Necro? Build & Gear

I know there are stickies posted as to how to build these chars. But I need input from people who actually use mf necros? I have been using my 89 windy druid to mf and he has great killing speed? My question is, is there a necro build that has the killing speed of the druid? what gear is used, and how much average mf is carried? Equipment cost is not a problem. I have a maxed out poison mancer, and i have a stripped summoner. I have all the gc's for them both. just waiting for some comments. Thanks guys!
My necro uses 288% MF

Andarials helm (1+ all worst stats, a very sad self-found drop)

Shako, P topaz
Hoto and Magefists and 1 rare ring to hit 80% FCR
Raven frost
41 Wartravellers
3+summon amulet
Tal's belt
+ some mf scs

(I have nothing on switch because I like to pick up 4s poleaxes which are quite large and I have very limited space in my storage due to the GCs)

I don't use many SCs because I like to pick up items and sell them for gold

I don't like going over 350%+ MF because when I did, I didn't find very many socketed items and my killing speed suffered.

I've died a few times when I afked in baal but generally I'm fairly sturdy with 75/73/75/73 and 900 HP, bone armor and block. I'm sure there are better builds but this works for me.

I enter a game with a golem who is made of either an etheral (for the looks) or CB item prebuffed. Then I summon skeletons and put my summoning GCs back into the storage (almost doubles the dmg of my skeletons). I use my merc to create corposes or when I'm with my brother he makes corposes quickly. It's very fast when my golem is made with the meditation aura but with 1 point in golem mastery/iron golem he got killed by uber Andarial =/

Because it takes me so long to summon my army, I tend to run:
1. Frigid High lands (2 super unqiues)
2. Nith
3. Summoner
4. Countess (sometimes I skip)
5. Pit/WSK (depending on the number of full juvs I have)
6. Pit/WSK (If I have full juvs I go WSK first)
7. River of Flame, Hephaistos
8. Andarial
Sometimes I also do 9. Lost city

I leveled my summoner from 80-90 doing this and also got some wealth
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