Best merc for the 1.13 palladin?


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Nov 20, 2005
Best merc for the 1.13 palladin?

I plan to go non-ladder after the reset, thus many items will be unavailable.
Consequently I wonder what will be the best mercenary and best weapon for this merc in 1.13?

I assume that hammerdin will be unable to kill wave 2 of baal;s minions.

What is the best merc to do so? If it's an act2 merc - what are the best weapons for him? Will insight be enough? Or maybe something else is needed, like destruction (unavailible on NLD).
Re: Best merc for the 1.13 palladin?

Probably som eth elite insight giant thresher (NOT colussus voulge, cryptic axe or war pike. The slow weapons suck)

That or an obedience, or maybe reaper's. Maybe even an act 5 merc with a death colussus sword (or whatever two-handed sword is the best, I don't really know)
Re: Best merc for the 1.13 palladin?

I'd say either an eth elite insight to keep the mana bonus or a Ebotd in an elite ethereal polearm.
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