Best hellforge rusher on a budget

§Hex Vex§

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Aug 2, 2006
Best hellforge rusher on a budget

In your opinion, what would be the best hell forge rusher that has a budget of say...3-4 high runes? I know I can always take into consideration the hammerdin and a sorceress, but what else do you think there is that will be a viable rusher?

P.s., anyone have some tips on how to kick Hell Trav's ***? They keep killing me :embarassed:
summoner necro is a great choice for a budget as they can do the game naked if done right, however speed is not something you will have.

As for hell trav. I have no clue sorry maybe some can help you there.

I think maybe a good MA Sin could do a hell rush.

I've never personally tried, but I do fine in nightmare on my 60 and I don't need alot of high end rune items.
If you're going for the Forge then you can play in a one-player game, you should burn through the monsters no problem. And Summoners have a massive meat shield so you can teleport around without any hassles (provided you don't land right in the middle of a boss pack anyway). I can't think of how you could go much faster, you don't have any bosses to kill or anything. Well, Heph if you must but he's a sap. And if you really want to take out a big pack, one corpse = a CE or two = all dead.
If its for only hellforge, you might as well create a classic sorc. You only need to get to act 3 hell in classic to be an act 1 hell LOD, and you don't have to worry about act 5 at all, so no worrying about what level you are and you don't have to glitch anything.

And since you are on a budget, you might won't really miss out on anything items wise starting in classic.
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