Best CTA Weapon


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Dec 19, 2003
Best CTA Weapon

I am wonder what is the best weapon to make CTA in?
I plan on using it on my Hammerdin, but if for some reason I decide to trade it I want it to be in the best tradable weapon as well. So as long as it is a one handed weapon it will be good.
I presently have a 5os Flail and a 5os Axe of some kind cant remember which one.
flail ot knout are the best things to make a cta in no one likes the way crystal swords look
But CtA in flail looks so much like HotO in the same weapon type and with your holy shield on, you can't always tell which switch you are using. I was forced to make my CtA in to a flail because I couldn't find a crystal sword and now I regret it.
well that all sounds good I think I will go with the flail because I wont use Hoto anyways, I make them just to trade them, I dont like using them, I would rather use the wizzy. That is just personal preferance though.
BigBadLarry said:
Put it in a Scepter with some good Palaskills.

That could be an idea. You can put it in a war scepter, which has a max of 5 sockets, so its easy to get it with the right amount of sockets. Seeing as how it'll be on switch, the best I can think of would be +3 to holy shield, though you'll have to keep in mind whether the total +4 to holy shield with say a +2 from a shield would be better than what the character would have on his main switch anyway. With heaven's light and a hoz for example, that's a +6-7 to holy shield..... perhaps its not such a good idea. I bet it'll look good though :uhhuh:
Well I like the war scepter idea. Only problem there is one with +3 holy shield would proly cost me as much as the runes to make it will. I think I am going to go with the flail, unless I find a 5os scourge. It will be a little while before I make it now, I finally got my second set of cd keys today and I am going to start on a classic rusher so that I can do forge rushes, and rush myself. So that is going to be my next topic of decission, What is the best classic rusher and Where can I find the build info for them?

But thanks to all that had input here and keep me in mind if you happen to come across one of those scepters (5os / +3 Holy shield) I might change my mind if I get one of those.
only a difference of 2 str...and its a lot easier to find a 5os double axe and one can use socketing quest for it.
Stick it in a phase blade, anyone w/ max block can use it and its actually useful when you duel for charging sorcs
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