BEst claws for Chaos


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Oct 5, 2004
BEst claws for Chaos

What is the best skill to have on a claw for using the max of the chaos runeword :yep:
try and get one with + 3 venom or bladeshield or soemthing that wwsins use :)
I made mine in a +2 venom, +1 wb, and +3 light sentry claw, and the light sentry is a great addition I always use the traps now in PvP just to mess with peoples minds. Works great too.
For a pure wwsin, I'd say suwayah with + skills to...
-ls: saves 4 skill points, useful for stunning
-df: saves 4 or 3 (forgot how many) skill points, useful for auto teleingness
-blade shield: saves 3 points, useful for making your opponent go into fhr frames and applying ow and venom

There are plenty more useful skills, but those are the basics IMO. Also, if you don't plan on going through the hassles of massive prebuffing (bramble, prebuff claws, etc.), like myself, it's nice to have +3 to venom on the claw. I find it quite annoying to repeatedly switch off your gear to cast venom each time you die.
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