Best assasin?


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Sep 15, 2006
Best assasin?

What would be the best assasin for the most dmg? a lightning trapper sin? or a good one the warrior-monk for ubers? Id say that the ubers would be more fun
erm quite clearly a trap/kick hybrid is the way to go :laugh:
err, for "most damage" it's kind of hard to go past a tiger/tail 'sin. decked out with a ton of +MA gear, they can hit 30k+ damage.

for lower outright raw damage but complete pvm ownage, an ilkori'sin v1.11 is definatly the way to go (eg: a kick/trap hybrid)
Thanks.hmmm im thinking of creating this warrior-monk sin to kill of ubers, is she pretty good? Oh and could u give me a link plz to which build u were referring to? thanks a lot
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