Best armor for a PvP fireclaws bear?


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Nov 11, 2003
Best armor for a PvP fireclaws bear?

I also posted a thread on this in the PvP forums, but I didn't really get a satisfying answer there, so I'll try it again in this forum! :)

Me said:
I'm going to make a Fireclaw-bear with the intention of doing melee-only PvPing on SC ladder, and I already have some nice items for him, but I still haven't figured out what type of armor I'd like to use. I am going to use Stormshield, so the PDR is sorta covered, but there's still a lot of other stuff to choose from.

I've currently narrowed the choice down to Duress, Stone and Gloom, but I have no idea which one would be best. Stone ofcourse has the best defense, but Duress has OW, Gloom has better resistances, and so on.

I've built up a decent amount of resources on my chars, (I'm not filthy rich, so no Enigma and CoH for me) so most options should be viable, but I just don't know what to choose. :/ Also, I hope to avoid pub duels and general BM-ness as much as possible, so would I be allowed to bring stuff with slow and cold damage to decent GM duels and such?

If you can provide any useful links, info or tips, I would highly appreciate it!
if your damage is around 10k you wont really need ow. in your situation i'd use stone. true, valor is nice for the damage, decent def, life and fhr but imo stone is still better.
i can afford coh, so thats what i use :thumbsup:


P.S - still looking for those damn ias/ar jewels :grrr: so elusive...
If your after the super pimp bonuses CoH gives but your on a budget try using Najs Hellforge plate. Its got alot of the same mods as CoH but just not in as copious amounts. Theres room for a socket too so if you need to tweak it you can. I think the only thing missing is FHR and a shael can fix that. Def is ok. About the same as CoH but def kinda sucks for us bears anyway. Give Najs a thought. You might find it handy till you can get Chains. L8.
Again best option IMO if only melee vs. melee would be 4 x fire faceted jewelers ____ of whale. However since your on a budget I would protably go duress, the ow, cb etc could be helpful against some of the stronger chars that use good resist. Then again +2 valor might beat them all.
You might already know....At midlevels the stone can give you a special boost, if you postpone putting any points into Molten Boulder. The level 16 charges will give you 16 points of Molten Boulder synergy.
+2 valor - skills and some def
coh - overall . . . a bit of everything . . .skills, res
4 s facet - fire dmg
glad bane/stone - heavy def
inkanddagger said:
+2 valor or 4 faceted armor of the whale.

stone is 3rd best option.
My vote also the valor would be great.....also someone wrote something about bears and defence....last time I checked bears can get very decent defence especially if you use something like a valor which has high defence....
I am now officially THE man. I found a +2, 13xx defense Valor in a Diablo run today. Now to make sure my druid gets to lvl 85... >_>
Pitboss_2000 said:
I am now officially THE man. I found a +2, 13xx defense Valor in a Diablo run today. Now to make sure my druid gets to lvl 85... >_>
very nice I have been playing since the game fist came out and that is one of the only items I have not found yet!!!
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