best areas to MF with hammerdin?


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Aug 19, 2004
best areas to MF with hammerdin?

wondering what the most efficient mf areas for hammerdin are.

meph is a pain (at least for me) because of dolls...

maybe pits?
yup, the pit is my favourite place to mf with ANY char. monsters are easy to kill and there's like 6 uniques every run, plus champions and a nice little chest at the end.
thebob said:
wondering what the most efficient mf areas for hammerdin are.

meph is a pain (at least for me) because of dolls...

maybe pits?

My prefered places:
Travincial, frigid (eldrich and shrenk), pit
many times I do andariel
Sometimes I do countess but, for some reasons, since I'm in hell, she only drop crappy runes (tal...or less...)
Sometimes I do river of flames. Rarely flyer jungle.
Very rarely I do Chaos sanctuary and mephisto and almost never Baal.
Pindle is dangerous, no room for hammers.
Should do more often frozen river and ancients way but I always forget to transfer my raven frost lol so I can switch it for the dwarf star I'm normally wearing.
I have heard that in Travincial if u have around 50-70% mf, it is easier to get some skillers...

Is this true?
MF has no effect on the chances to drop charms. I believe it increases the chances of the dropped charms to be unique [which only matters for Grand Charms becoming Gheed's on ladder characters], but definetly not charm drops.
My mf runs are pretty standard, Eldtrich, Shank, Pindle, Travincal and the Chaos sanctuary in that order. Sometimes I add, Rakanishu and the pit.
If u wanna score uniques, act bosses are always the best bet.
If u dont have enigma its hard to do the runs fast enough though.
I srongly recommend travincal for you. The super uniques are there and the
minions drops like champions so u will find alot of charms, runes, gold if u care
bout that and every now and then a unique will drop.

Diabloruns can be done effectively without enigma too, use charge/vigor
as a substitute for tele. Open a seal, kill the minions charge to next seal, kill the minions etc...
Of course, if you want to do Pits it would be plain stupid to "tele" through chaos sanctuary: RoF and CS are area level 85... same as the pits. And Diablo drops MUCH better than the uber chest in Pits 2.

Same for WSK/Baal vs. Pits.

I generally don't do a lot of pits anymore... waste of time, compared to Diablo/Baal. But then, I'm not playing a paladin... but if Dolls are your only problem, then RoF/CS/Diablo sounds like a nice place --- alvl 85, no dolls, 3 guaranteed bosses plus the random ones along the way, and an act boss.
I agree with the previous poster here, Chaos sanctuary is a good spot for mf runs. I found almost all uniques but a few in ladder 1 doing CS runs. I must say that it takes a well built character to go in there and do an efficient job. You don't need godly gear but it requires some decent itmes or else you will have a hard time.
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