Beast Rune Word Question


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Nov 23, 2004
Beast Rune Word Question

I have come to the conclusion that a scepter would be the best medium for the Beast rune word in terms of low strength and dexterity requirements. While trying to find one I realized that I might find one with +skills to Fanaticism, and I was wondering if this would stack with the automatic Fanaticism aura of the rune word. If someone can prove or disprove this speculation I would be most appreciative.
Besides the fact that the mod is Pally Only, Beast gives you a fixed level 9 Fanaticism. Nothing can improve that.
leddan said:
+ skill items like shako, mara's, hoto, soj/bk rings, etc... not raise the aura level up?

Not in this case since the mod reads "Level 9 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped". It doesn't actually give your character the skill. If the mod read "+9 to Fanaticism", like the "+1 to Berserk" you find on Passion, then you could raise the level of it using +skill items.
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