Beast on a Barby (merc, that is)


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Jun 16, 2009
Beast on a Barby (merc, that is)

I'm currently building a LF/Strafe Amazon, and while she's still young (level 30), I've been trying to decide what merc to use in the end. Obviously she would greatly benefit from a Fanaticism aura, and there are only two possible ways to get that: Beast and Faith.

Really it comes down to this: a Rogue merc with Faith, or a Barb merc with Beast (technically, I could put it on an Act 3 merc, but it would be a colossal waste). There are some things on Beast that would go to waste on the merc, like Prevent Monster Heal and the Shapeshifting skills, but with a Rogue I would miss out on having a tank, since I'll be playing primarily ranged and am not getting a Valkyrie. Also, I'd have 2-4% less IAS with Beast, but I don't think it'll be a huge deal.

I would really like having the Barb merc, since I've never actually used one before, but if it's just a waste of a Beast then I'll forgo that for something else (Faith Rogue or otherwise). Any other merc suggestions are welcome, too (except Infinity merc, if I wanted that I would go pure Lightning).
Re: Beast on a Barby (merc, that is)

Faith in a non-zon bow is nice since you can then use it to make a slew of odd bow builds with other classes.

You could still use the Beast (colossus sword?) on other characters. Plus, having a tank for your zon is nice.

They both seem like useful choices, but it you're thinking about resell value, then I think that Faith is the obvious choice.

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Re: Beast on a Barby (merc, that is)

Right, for some reason I thought Beast could be in a sword. Guess that answers my question.
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