Bear who raises skellis?

Simple answer: No.

I don't know enough of the basics about shapeshifting from a granted skill to give you any hard and fast rules.
is it possible to raise skellis while in bear form?

No. When any character besides druid morphs into wolf/bear you "loose" the character class active skills (skills that you cast), so you cant summon minions or curses or poison and bones skills

Sorry only armageddon (sp?) may be cast while in fur (either in Bear or Wolf) form. While in fur for you may summon druid minions (if you have an item that allows it) but no teleporting, cursing, CEing or any of that kind of stuff. The player can swear all he or she wants but you won't be able to cast any of that.

Good luck and Good hunting!
Ok so you dont get the poison damage, but do you still get the attack rating boost if you are wielding a dagger?
You wouldnt get either... you need to use the skill to get the boost, and the you cant use the skill if your in bear form... and if your talking about the bug, it no longer works, or at least, it only effects the LCS, and not actual gameplay.
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