barb v necs. gimme a strat


Oct 30, 2004
barb v necs. gimme a strat

any specific strats to beat 125 fcr necs? pubby ones r ez but elite necs are hard... most of them spam like hell and i end up getting caught in a field of bone spirits.

im currently on my ww/zerk barb, i still havent started leveling my leap/ww barb. would a 1.5 screen leap then tele/whirl do it for me??
if your a leaper (good idea), play defensive until the necro comes to you, watch out for ibs by standing behind a house or something. when he comes within your reach (meaning you can namelock him on your screen), leap twice in place, and then teleport over, and do a short whirl, if he recovers fast enough to shoot bone spirits, run then teleport away (if he decreps you, just tele away, otherwise its safer to run first then teleport, so you dont get stunned by any bone spears/spirits that may hit you in casting animation), rinse and repeat.
Yea ima test around a bit

so far i lack Fcr/Fhr, i still beat most sorcs i verse but with the **** fhr i get caught in spirits and then cant recover and even when i do the tele is too slow. Im gonna Test around a bit. Ima increase Fhr to 86 and fcr to 40 so ill see what happens :)

my suggestion is practice, practice, practice. if you namelock teleport, you always land to the north side of him, so dont wait for him to appear in your screen to teleport, just hold alt (i dont press shift cuz you could accidentally namelock whirl him and then your screwed) and whirl a LITTLE to the south. you'll hit him, and then run away.
Nother unique strat is to use widowmaker + dracs and cast Lifetap. Also the block animation may allow you to get a leap in for a tele+ww.

I usually run around alot so they necro can't play defensive (most try to when they realize they die in 1-2 wws).
Then its just until they make a mistake or you see an opening and tele+ww.
Make sure they are short so you can follow up.
However don't try short ww's if there are a bunch of BS's on you since you may get hit and be put in fhr.
If you're the agressor (which you should be), I find the best way to approach things is to start from outside map range and charge in (w/ teleport) and as quickly as possible tele-ww stomp the necro, making short whirls all over their face until they get away or die. This minimises the number of in-range BS that might re-target you while you are WW-ing on them, which is possibly your biggest problem when attacking. Like luis said, don't try anything big headed w/ a stream of BS chasing you because they will probably catch you. Use bushes/walls (especially external corners where the two walls overlap each other and are useful as shields) to kill off bone spirits chasing you so that you can re-launch your attack w/ as little bs interference as possible.
Another important factor is proper ww length, don't do anything over 2 or 3 character widths or you'll be in WW too long to avoid an incoming BS should the necro get out of your WW quickly. Most necros play very poorly when paniced, and its easiest to achieve this by hounding their asses as much as possible. The more they're walking/teleporting to avoid you, the less they are firing off spirits/spears/teeth. Closing down the range is your only option, you can't really play defensively against something with such huge range.
A good necro will keep (or at least try to keep) a pretty good distance from you and use their range advantage, so you really have to shut that down. Don't worry about clay golems or decrep, it just makes your ww much more effective when you are on them and ww-ing. If you are slowed to this extent though, don't try to avoid BS chasing you by running as it will probably be faster than you, try leaping or teleporting instead. Leap is nice to get out of bad situations since it goes over projectiles, doesn't get slowed down, and can be executed while in hit recovery. The only really "bad" curse is iron maiden when the necro buries himself in bonewall, all I can really advise there is use zerk accurately. This is also pretty much the only way to punish a necro that corners himself and blockades himself in with bone wall/prison (HELLO STEVEN) the only bad thing about zerk is its relatively slow (compared to ww) and is a bit of a crapshoot versus a 75% block opponent. Having said that it can one or 2 hit any necro,
which is most satisfying.

thnx guys, ive tried a few things.

i increased my fhr but i kept fcr the same, i normally run at the nec, and tele in my corner and then ww at him, even if i miss i namelock him so once out of ww i tele on him and generally no pubby nec gets away.. im thinking of rebuilding my barb tho

i currently use ww/zerk anti caster...
but i want a ww/leap anti caster...

i play really well with necs/trappers but barbs have been my fave char so this time im sticking with a barb for good, ive recently aquired more stuff for my stash so i can switch around (3 lo helm, 2 rloop, coa , verds , duress ) and i filled my screen with 3/20/20's now.

The widowmaker idea sounds pimpin but im all vit. nothing else so the dex req 144 or sumthin is too much for me
You can use it if you also use two 20 dex ravens, hel the widowmaker (brings it down to 117), use a dex belt like razortail or tal's, and arreats/20 stat anni, etc. Kind of a PITA, but I'm not about to start spending dex pts JUST for hammerdins... Besides, that gear is pretty much ideal versus hammerdins anyway.
yea, im just gonna practice for a while vs necs and other hard classes, coa/verds is good vs babrs pals zons n dru's so now ima just keep practicing vs necs alot
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