Back-up skill for dual dream auradin


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Jan 29, 2006
Back-up skill for dual dream auradin

Yeasterday did some ubertristarm leveling and now have lvl 81 paly with unused 80 skill and 400 stat points. Im thinking about making dual dream auradin: dream helm+dream shield, maxed resist lightning, maxed salvation, naxed conviction. Im gonna use cresecent moon in berzeker axe, and act1 merc with faith bow (fanat aura).
1) what back-up skill should I use for this build: vengeance, zeal or sacrifice?
2) is it better to try to achieve 75% block rate increasing your dexterity, or just stay with minimum dexterity and increase his hp?
3) this build is gonna be used only in PvM, so will he be able so effectively kill monsters in hell?

1. Zeal is your main attack but once it's lv 5 it's high enough with convition and fant.

2. You should build your weapon in a PB to hit 4fps zeal so the 136 dex for that will be almost enough for max block. Yes mex block is nice.

3. Yes it will. But I'd suggest a different weapon so that you can more easily deal with immunes that don't get broke. LW (lots of bonuses) as is Grief (which is a faster killer) are both great options.

Or use a beast yourself and use an act 2 merc. Say might with a doom.
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