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Sep 28, 2004
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Hey all, been awhile since I've been around. I am preparing to deploy to Iraq for a year or so, so I decided to give myself a project for my downtime. I think I am going to try to Guardian at least one of each class. I will probably make 2 amazons and 2 necro's, because I like bowie's and Javazons as well as summoners and bone necros. The barb will probably be a thrower, but haven't decided yet.

Druids are the class I have played the least. Which would be easier, elemental or a bear or wolf? Keep in mind I have zero HC items as of right now, although by the time I get around to playing the druid I should have a decent selection of items.

I have a lot of experience with HC. That's about all I played on BNET, and I almost always played solo because of the unpredictable BNET crowd. So I should be able to complete my goal, hopefully without too many restarts. I got a head start, and my meteorb sorc and summon necro are both in act 2 normal at around level 20. I am trying to round up some twink gear for the rest of the toons.

Well, just thought I would say HI, as I am sure I will be reading/posting in the forums more now. Wish me luck!
Good luck with your sept, I'm only one character away from my own!

Welcome back to the forums :smiley:
Wind druids are pretty powerful. You should just need a good shield and a way to break PI. I only slowed down and eventually stalled out once i hit physical immunes in hell. I haven't gotten back to the character, but found reapers toll for him since than and it should break most immunes.

I started a Rabies/Fury druid a day or so ago. It is a very fun build. No issues so far, but only working through nightmare now... Rabies is a unique skill that looks like it will scale well and isn't too slow for a poison based skill. Fury is like zeal and lets you deal out gobs of damage fast. I am paranoid about iron maiden, so i weapon switched to empty and used rabies whenever mages were on the screen and it killed well. I also believe if you die in wolf form from iron maiden or anything else you first switch to human with 1 health and then must take another hit to die, so it could be a lifesaver if you are quick on the rejuvs.
Welcome back to the forums! Good luck in real life and with your sept. I have almost zero experience in HC, but my one tourney HC druid was a summoner/elementalist and he never died ... but that was in the days when my game crashed all the time so he also never got out of A1 normal ...
Hi , welcome to SPF :wave:

For the druid , i'd advise fire/summoner , following Alterego's guide. I've got mine to guardian untwinked, using +2 to skills. He wasnt the fastest killer , but very safe.
Won't deploying to Iraq give you less time?

Anyway, good luck with the Iraqi thing.
Thanks for the welcomes guys! I think I will try the summoner/fire build. I would rather do it safer until Guardian. Then I can try something more fun and challenging.

As far as free time, I won't be working ALL the time. You have to take breaks from patrolling or you would stress yourself out within the first month.:grin:
Good luck to you and stay safe. I have no Diablo advice, but for RL I say "duck & cover".
Well, so far so good. My summoner just made Destroyer. I think I will work on my meteorb for a bit. Pretty crummy finds so far, but thats not a problem. A few decent rares with nice resists were the best besides Sigs boots. Well, back to the grind!
Well, so far so good. My summoner just made Destroyer. I think I will work on my meteorb for a bit. Pretty crummy finds so far, but thats not a problem. A few decent rares with nice resists were the best besides Sigs boots. Well, back to the grind!

Glad your character is doing well :smiley: I personally dont care about items, i just use what i find/gamble along the way. I usually end up with reaaally bad items but as long i have max resistances and some life, im happy :tongue:

Quick update on my progress:

I have 2 Conquerers now, my Summon Necro is working his way toward Hell Andy at level 61. No problems so far (its a summon necro :wink3: ) and I don't anticipate any either. I will probably just run around leveling for awhile to make sure my skellies can hit often enough when I get to andy.

My Meteorb is at level 76 and has completed Act 2 in Hell. A few close calls with her, but nothing I couldn't teleport out of, back to a cleared area of course.

My Javazon is threatening to pass up both of them at level 47 in Act 2 NM. I took a break after playing her for almost a full day. She is actually a restart due to a dumb mistake fighting norm Diablo at level 24 or so. I didn't lose any gear worth mentioning, so it was just frustrating because of the lost time. I made it up quick with the restart tho.

My bowie is level 20 in Act 2 Normal, I will probably play her next because of a few nice MF drops from the higher level toons. I have a nice selection of bows already including Ravenclaw (using), Kuku, Goldstrike Arch, a Buriza and my favorite a Lycanders Aim.

A few of the others are around level 9 or so, but haven't really been played yet.

All in all things are going well, I am finding some nice stuff to fill the HC stashes and most importantly I am having a lot of fun. I wish the HC tourney's weren't so restrictive in how your character needs to be built, as they would be an interesting way to get the rest of my toons rolling. Maybe I will have to come up with one myself. :grin:
I played my summon necro a little more, he is now dreading the maggot lair in hell :cry: , but I have a teleport staff on switch to maybe speed things along a bit. Ran him through the pits a few times for xp, but didn't find anything great yet.

My meteorb just beat Diablo and is resting in Harrgorath tonight. Act 4 was pretty uneventful. Well, except for the Gul rune from hellforge. I was hoping for Um, but maybe someday I will have a use for the gul. I did a little MFing from NM meph and found a few nice things like an Occy, Gull dagger, Ali Baba and some nice low level twink stuff. I did maybe 100 hell meph runs, but nothing too great yet. I went ahead and beat act 4 so that Cain will quit handing me meph's soulstone when I try and ID my loot.:grin:

I will probably save Anya tomorrow and then get back to mfing Mephisto and add Pindle to the mix. Maybe just pindle to level a bit more then go back to meph..who knows, I will just play it by ear!
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