Back to Classic for me


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Sep 6, 2006
Back to Classic for me

last night I decided it was time to get away from LoD and all it's overpowered, duped item, general hassle crap. So I started myself off on a Tesladin on Classic. I've not played a lot of melee classes, especially with elemental aura based paladins. I was wondering if anyone could help me out by letting me know which specific equipment mods to watch for that would suit my build, from the early levels on?
I use one to MF notmal and basically I put pure MF gear on him:
chanceguards, tarn, 2nagel rings, rw/MF boots, goldwrap, some pala/mf amulet

if you are leveling full angelics is nice - then add a swordback and later a stormeye for more damage in nightmare

as for hell? I have no idea

perhaps you should find a high damage battlehammer or naga and invest in zeal+synergies for the physical damage?
death's belt + fast 1h weapon, few points into holy shield and perhaps still a swordback, some fhr life/res armor

not sure if you need angelic amulet+rings if you will add points into zeal

I stopped leveling my tesladin after maxing the aura and giving like 5 points into holy shield (I just run normal with him)
One of those unique flails (Generals) might be nice on him, since it slows the monsters you hit and has a descent range and speed.
Other then that, you might want to consider carrying a backup tool (Gnasher hand axe) in your pocked just in case you run into a lightning immune and really feel this one has to depart his mortal coil.
Maybe some sigons gloves with another piece of the set (shield gives +1 and good block, or the helm for it's AR per level) or deaths gloves and sash for the sash's cbf, the set bonus of 15 res all and the very generous poison res bonus the set gives, poison being the paladin's kryptonite most of the time since there is no poison res in any of the aura's.
Or find all the uniques which add lightning damage for a themed paladin. :)
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