Baalrunner question


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Nov 18, 2003
Baalrunner question

Hi, I am going to try to make a baalrunning sorceress on HC!!! (baalrunning as in solo mf runs). I have a barb that can BO etc, he has around lvl 32 bo. So I think this might be enough to increase my life. I was thinking of the following equip.
Full tals set (ptopaz helm, armor)(fire facet in weapon)(pdiamond in shield)
dex/mana/resist rings
Now I have a few questions of boots and shield. First I have some options for boots, number 1 is waterwalk, which gives great increase to life I am not sure I should use that or treks/war travelers.
Then I am not sure I want blocking or not. Since some of the highest damaging/most dangerous things in the throne are simply elemental/magic, there is really no point in blocking is there? Unless someone can really prove to me there is a high damaging physical attacker in the throne, I am thinking of going lidless or mosers for resist.
I also have a question about FCR, I know I can easily hit the 63 breakpoint with full tals+magefist. But should I aim for the 100 BP with full tals+lidless+magefist+2xFCR rings (I heard there was a bug around 100, not sure what its about, could someone clearify?)
My charms will look a lot like this, 1 annilus, rest is resist/life charms with 8 spaces for items. So should i have a spot for townportal/id books or just leave that spot blank?
I will be using a meteorb sorceress unless there are any ideas. I think it would be great, the only problem would be last wave of baal which might spawn CI and FI, but then my merc can own him. ^_^.
So any help would be greatly appreaciated.
Definatly go with max block, its the only way to go on HC, as for your equipment selection i say switch off any mf gera you might have for gear that you think you might need to survive, whats the fun of training up a good sorcs, giving her 1k mf and then have her die 5 mintues into her first mf run? :scratch:
yuqing said:
Definatly go with max block, its the only way to go on HC, as for your equipment selection i say switch off any mf gera you might have for gear that you think you might need to survive, whats the fun of training up a good sorcs, giving her 1k mf and then have her die 5 mintues into her first mf run? :scratch:
1st. Max block is not the only way to go in HC, I have made many succesful non-blockers. If you think I will need block, which monster in Act5 throne would i have to block from. (I am not going to stand in the middle of the lister pack or let melee hit me so I am mainly looking for ranged physicals, I also have a feeling that minautors' attacks are like smite and are ITD and ignore def or block).
2nd. How am I giving her too much mf. I don't even come close to have 300mf with this build. I chose Tal set simply because it gives me resist life and defense. The whole point of the build is to mf. So giving her hoto/coh/ss isn't going to help much...I don't see how you could possibly see that I am putting too much mf and not concentrating on HC.
Waterwalks are a good choice. Against poison, i always keep a few antidote with me and thats that. never bother much with poison actually.

About non-block in HC, i am wondering there aswell. It sounds a bit as if your build will get boosted, so that you dont have to care abot getting from Normal to Act5 Hell. Indeed at the Throne there are scarce amounts of ranged attackers that could make you benefit from Block, but sometimes the throne is so vastly crowded that you would wish for some block, since it will be hard dodging those melee attacks.

But unless you need to do the whole game through until you get to Act5 Hell, i think yu could do without block quite nicely. Depends alot upon playstyle. if you have good experience without block in HC, i'd say stick to it :thumbsup:

The BP for FCR is actually 105% and i would aim for it for teleporting reasons, meaning that you keep Wizard Spike/Lidless on switch for Teleporting. You would lose some mods on Tal's then though. Not sure if that is still secure enough then. Otherwise 63% is fine.

Lister in FI/CI mode is no problem for a Meteorb Sorc. Your Merc will tear him apart, while you help along with Static Field and stunning/knockback with Telekinesis.

I'd keep Cube, TP book and ID book. Picking up items is a bit harder then though, since you will have to open inventory and drop the item on the cube, but still that gives you some extra space for items...
Well the thing is, that if I did make use of wizardspike/lidless, then that would mean at least some points in dex, and if I did put those point there I might as well block with whistan :) and I also don't like loosing a lot of benefits from tal. Also I had a lot of success by not using a cube in my inventory since it takes up 4 spaces which can mean as much as 80 life (although relalistically it would give around 50-60 for me). I have heard a lot of people using a row of belt for tps, which has intesrested me.
Thanks for the reply about act5 throne, I also don't remember too many high damaging ranged, and yes she is getting boosted to act5 hell /w quest etc (will be first drop baaling hehe).
Ok, so now my only real problem is the items to hit 105 fcr, I am going to try to do it /w full tals so here might be the setup.
Full tals (50)
Lidless (20)
magefist (20)
2x FCR rings (20), that means I better start trading for those guys. O ya, can the rare FCR rings spawn with resist/life mods or should I opt for fcr/mana rings (magic)?
About the max-blokc part. I suggest you stay away from it and go for vit. The only high physical dmging monsters in throne are minions of destruciton when they're extra strong and fana. But guess what? You have a merc! :surprise: yay! :clap:

Seriously, I played HC on ladder 1 and helped a good friend of mine to reach lvl 99. I played a blizz sorc and my stats where like this:

Str: 50
Dex: Base
Vit: ~500
Eng: Base

IMO, THIS is the only way to go in hc :lol:
I got to lvl 97, and didn't die once. :thumbsup: (duh, hc!)
Thank you for confirming this, and about the minions, well...if I did happen to be near them when they spawned, well...I would be dead, block or no block :)
I'm with Dennis, I'm scared already and I play SC...
You must be crazy man :bonk:

More power to ya! Good luck indeed.

Hehe, I don't think I am crazy at all, I can do him just fine with my hammerdin, the only problem is that I wanted to 1st drop him since I still want to find some of those ladder onlies. So I wanted to make a new character, felt like a good meteorb sorceress would be the cheapest/fastest course of action! :). I also pretty much lvled my paladin from 90-94 from 1/2 baal mf and half pub baals runs. So its really possible, you should try it if you have a barb that can bo you. If not, stay away lol.
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