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Baal Run Etiquette


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Dec 18, 2006
Baal Run Etiquette

Most people choose to level up in baal run games rather than chaosing, so I want to put this out into the community for anyone new or just simply unaware of what common etiquette might be.

I am going to break this down into character classes and what to avoid doing when in baal games. If you're hosting the game, however, feel free to do whatever you choose.

Unless you're a high level (40+ for normal),(65+ for nightmare),(90+ for hell), refrain from using hurricane. The cold damage is nice, but it's not necessary in baal games. It adds tons of lag and is basically useless if someone has a holy freeze merc.

I'm not against Necromancers summoning, but 40 minions is a little overkill. 5-10 should be adequate. Obviously refrain from using bone wall/prison.

I haven't run across many rude sorceresses in my time playing, because for the most part, sorceresses deal out a ton of damage and telling them not to use certain skills is rediculous.

I know everyone likes to show off how high their Bo/Shout can go, but after you've already Bo'd everyone, do you really need to keep doing it over and over?

Not much to say here, nothing they do really slows the game down.

Same as Amazons, not much to slow the game down.

You know what auras you have, and you know how high they take your damage. If you see your damage higher than usual, switch to something else that might help the team out (defiance, vigor, salvation etc.) Most games have at least 2 paladins in them, and for some reason they all run the same aura.

Last but certainly not least, if you want to make a baal game, go for it. But, if you don't plan on running it yourself, please dont create games. It's frustrating to join a baal game and find that the Lvl 80 Amazon is waiting for someone to tele for them. There's always baal games out there, so just join up with one of them.

I know this must seem like a rant, and it is, but I feel that a lot of people don't follow simple rules of etiquette that make the game more enjoyable for everyone playing.
Idea: Get a new computer. Diablo2 is so....... ungraphic heavy..

The real idea is to be considerate of other users. There's no reason to have a bunch of summons, and it lags some users. Therefore, there shouldn't be a bunch of summons in baal games.

It's possible to slow the game down? What are you running it on, a pocket calculator?
It played perfectly on my PII 333 back in the day, and I had no Graphics acceleration. So yeah, it'd have to be a P1 at least...
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