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Australia gets the Thursdaily first!


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Jul 19, 2006
Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Bwahaha, all fear my elite timezone skills!

RL: Taken the day off work. The headcold I had yesterday has evolved into something truly diabolical. Feels like somebody has held me upside down, and poured concrete up my nose, and then set my sinuses on fire. Eugh.

D2: Nope, PC is still out of action while I order/setup the new watercooling gear and the other case mods. Been wanting to continue my Hydra/Orb MF Sorceress though.

*casts level 12 Resist Headcold to everybody who posts here.*
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Still 10PM Wed here! <bows to timezone skillZ>

Current RL: Drunk, with looking to drink more. I do have to wrap a present and shave before bed though :-/ Not looking forward to work tomorrow (read: Thursday). Going late night shopping in the next county after that. I have vouchers for a couple of stores, and in combination with the lady's student discount card we will be a bargain-hunting machine.

Current D2: Played one of my HC MP chars solo as he felt lonely. Tried a solo 1.09 Baal but the guy spawned MSLE and owned me.

OVG: Getting slightly bored of Max Payne, the unskippable cutscenes and the QuickLoad buttons. Technically I'm 42% through the game in terms of the pet project.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

It's 5:24 here in Finland and I was going to go to bed over an hour ago. But one thing leads to another and I'm still up with a beer in front of me.

Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

^ sounds like Ulla x
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Actually, I like this... see... I get Thursday off this week. So starting Thursday in the late afternoon on Wednesday makes perfect sense to me. Just don't start Friday early.

RL: Grading and....

D2: Will take the druid through Act I hell after re-inventing his gear set up to be a little more conservative. I'd really liked to have found him a bow with CTC Amp damage on it. Anyone know if one can be shopped/gambled? A witchwild string would be perfect, but it's unavailable.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Our time zone is awesome :)

Rl: I had a big meeting with the client this morning which now means I have a lot more work to do. I have to go to my performance review in ~ 5 minutes, so I will edit my post depending on how it works out. I am glad I am only working half a day tomorrow.

D2: haven't been in the mood recently

Edit: Performance Review went well, evidently they don't know how much time I spend browsing these forums :)
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Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

@Sgahs: you can shop it. I've shopped them before. Off the top of my head, I have no idea what minimum level you need to be.

RL: 4 minutes till tomorrow. 4 minutes, 9 hours till exam #1. 4 minutes, 8 days until I get to play D2 again. Being home alone = no time to shovel = oh god... I'll have to do it sometime tomorrow ugh. I can't believe it went from NO SNOW --> SO MUCH SNOW overnight. Where are those damn kids from the 80's that walk door to door offering a snow job for $10?

D2: Sigh.

I'm waking up at 4:30am to resume cramming. See you European posters in 4.5 hours. :p
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

and it ticks towards the end of the day in Aus, or at least the work day. Yay!

RL: workin, too much paperwork in the world. far too much. maybe golf tonight to make up for it, after watching a strong Australian field get trounced by a Korean!

D2: continuing the life of SparkyPancakes, my Certain Death (dead) Novawaller sorc, who is now gonna be a MF-er. She is kicking butt now that she can rerun areas. LK has dropped a ton of runes in NM, i think highest was Fal (and second highest was sol ... go figure!). I wonder what the drop odds for a fal are at p8 NM LK?
Might make it to NM meph tonight for some run love, or at least the council. Nova is almost reaching the killzone to start telebombing, although i need a lot more TK first.

oh ... and i stepped into the world of SP muling. I see a dangerous grail obsession coming up soon

im pretty sure ctc amp is a very low level mod, i get it all the time with new characters
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: Two of my sibs are talking about opening a bakery, and my mother wants me to help. I gave them a copy of The eMyth Revisited: Why small businesses fail and what you can do about it. Beyond that, we really haven't discussed it.

D2: Slowly getting back into it. Mainly working on my Pairs Necro.

OVG: I'm done with Eve. Too much griefing, and couldn't find a corp worth joining.

According to Arreat Summit, CtC Amp is a level 3 mod, which means you should be able to shop it with a level 1 character.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: more flu. I am so cold that I just stick one arm out from the blanket to type. At least I can actually post. yesterday I was so wasted that I just about could browse tvtropes.

D2: far to demanding.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: Nothing much. Looking for employment and chilling. (gonna get free pizza later)

d2: just got d2 working again after my hardware forced a formatting of the hdd and a new os. Forced to start fresh I went right back to a HC untwinked Dentist. Will consider using RWM when I find my first Sol rune.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: We got 27 centimeter of snow yesterday. I have also have tons of homeworks to do.

D2: I probly won't have time for that.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: Up early. Last night, late, while rather drunk, I offered one of the neighbors a ride to work. So I'm up early and ready to effing rock. Made coffee; shave/shower; pick up a bit since momma's coming by later.

Now: Drinking coffee & foruming.

Upcoming: Take neighbor to work, find donut shop, get donuts/more coffee, back here, fill out application/massage resume for an interesting job I found, hope that I'm well rested, go to to lunch with Momma at the Hari Krishna temple (frigging awesome Vegan buffet, donations accepted), nap, xmas shopping, and then we'll see.

D2: Part of the reason I haven't played in such a while is that I'm afraid of harming the MBP. With the old MacBook (that blew up in August), I played D2 quite a bit, and the lappy always got really hot: I'm afraid it had something to do with the HD fryage. And when I push D2 from the MBP to the big monitor, the MBP gets really friggen hot. So I'm going to have to move to dual display instead of clamshell. So I need to find a laptop stand (thinking mRain or whatever it's called, but balk at the $50). Why am I putting this here, in the D2 section and not in RL? 1) I haven't written much here later; 2) perhaps a laptop stand and dual display business will convince me to play. Meh.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

RL: Cold and sunny...At least we missed the Blizzard here...

D2: Limited time and limited interest, MP if game is up when I have a chance to play otherwise nada surf...

@JayGun - That is pretty much SOP for gaming on notebooks, the GPUs get hot, hotter, hottest...I would look at getting a cheap PC and set it up, you can get a unit that will play D2 for around $100. If you want to play other stuff you can spend as much as your heart desires :)
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

@Rummski: Thanks for the advice. I might consider setting up my old iMac. It ran D2 just fine back in the day. Hummm. There's a thought. I don't know where I'd put it, though. Hummm.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

All of my rants about the storm appeared to have worked, temperature never really dropped that much, so Babylink(and everyone else north of here) got 27cm of snow, and I got rain, lots and lots of it, but no ice, no snow. Success!

RL: Ugh, unwilling participant, but its Thirsty Thursday, so there will be beer after work at least.

D2: Probably.
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Shags: I do believe I've seen that kind of bow even in Act 1 Normal, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get. Any vendor early on in the game with a consistent chance of magical bows is my guess.

kanonfutter: Get well soon there. :).

RL: Could we please get some of that snow down here? :(. Few things would make me happier this season. As for actual RL, just a few more hurdles to go, then classes will be over. :). Maybe I'll go Christmas shopping this weekend, but probably not, since I'm never actually home that day. :(.

D2: Unless there's PvP, no.

OVG: Assuming Mabi's maintenance took 4 hours as they said (doubtful), more of that. Just blindly going through the game without a care for the guides or tips against doing certain things (e.g. being over level 20 before entering a dungeon; who cares about that?!) is both challenging and fun. :).

Such symmetry in the smilies. :crazyeyes:
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

This has been a weird week.

I'm currently on a break before exams start and today I finished the one paper I had to write for Philosophy of Science. Ughh.

My Dad is away on business and to visit his family. My mother left on short notice earlier this week because my grandmother was in hospital, leaving me here by myself.

Yesterday some painters that my mother arranged to come but forgot about when she left, showed up unexpectedly.

Yesterday and last night it snowed a lot, although less than others to the east got as seen by some above.

Today I spent 3 hours trying to get our snowblower, that was originally my grandfathers and is older than I am, to start and failed. We have a massive, 40+ meter, driveway so shoveling it by hand is out of the question. (Interestingly enough, until last week our driveway was twice as big and shaped like a U with one half that we never used. Last weekend contractors mostly finished replacing our septic system with a new one where the unused half of the driveway used to be. Now half our front lawn would be dirt groomed with a bulldozer - if it wasn't covered in snow.)

This morning I was told that my grandmother had passed away.

D2: What else am I going to do with all of my time?
Re: Australia gets the Thursdaily first!

Condolences on your loss, Pyro.
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