Auradin dmg question


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Nov 29, 2006
Auradin dmg question

I just made a auradin who uses Dragon armor, Dream helm and shield, and HoJ. My question is, is there anyway I can see what my holy shock and holy fire dmg is? I'm just curious and would like to know the individual dmg of the burn and shock.
Well that depends on whether or not you have the synergies.

Holy Fire
Hit: 261-273
Aura: 43-45
Holy Shock
Hit: 1-1668
Aura: 1-278

With Salvation, Resist Fire & Lightning Maxed:
Holy Fire
Hit: 1513-1583
Aura: 252-263
Holy Shock
Hit: 1-7005
Aura: 4-1167

However, that can be significantly changed by Conviction which can lower enemy immunities up to 150%.
Now I would assume that lowering resists this much would probably, on average between Fire and Lightning on Hell difficulty, make your attack take twice as much or the equivalent of -100 resists making you equivalently take 10k damage on average and about 1700 aura damage.
ive noticed playing my dreamer that i can break almost all light immunities but those chreatures dont go down to the -100 resist lvl and there fore take more to kill. with fire damage added in it shouldnt even be an issue tho.
Clerv, if I were u I'd delete that link from your post. I got banned from this site before for simply posting that link when someone asked for a skill calculator...guess it's on an item selling website, which is frowned upon here.

Hope a mod donest come around and read this thread.
Oops, I didn't realize. I suppose I shouldn't bring more attention to it by responding either. Oh well. I was all in good intention. :undecided:
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