Armor Display?

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Dec 12, 2006
Armor Display?

This maybe a stupid question and I think I know the answer but...

I keep seeing pictures of armor like Shaftstop and Fortitude that have an armor reading a lot higher than possible. Is this because of a spell or aura like defiance or chilling armor?

Sorry, I haven't been playing for a while.
If you use the cube formula to put sockets into an ethereal, white armor, you get an additional 50% Bonus.

If you want to know how to do it and how it works, here's an example:

Let's say you have a base 500 Def Archon Plate which happens to be ethereal, giving it a 50% defense bonus which results in a displayed defense of 750 defense.

You put the 750 defense Archon Plate into the horadric cube along with a Tal + Thul + Perfect Topaz and transmute. Because of a bug, you get another 50% defense bonus because it's Ethereal. This gives you 750 + 0.50(750) = 1125 defense.

Fort gives 200% ED, so if you happen to get 4 sockets doing this, you can get 1125 + 2.00(1125) = 3375 defense. That's how people make their 3k defense forts.

NOTE: This is NOT a hack... but it is exploiting a major bug in the game.
Holy Crap! Good to know. Thanks

Do you happen to know any other places this comes in handy. Does it work for weapons, helms, or shields?

Wow, with Sacred Armor Stone your merc could get 5265. Hell you could wear it and not even have to worry about durability because you'd never get hit!
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