AR problem


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Sep 30, 2006
AR problem

I made a fury/rabies wolf recently, and I am doing very poorly in duels. I cant really hit barbs or pallies, I have fairly low ar ( ~8.6k).
What should I do to hit more often.
here is my character

Lvl 80
Hat: "shael" Jalals
Blocker: "30%ed" storm
Armor: Enigma (scarab)
Beat stick: Ebotdz
Belt: 15% dungoes
Mitts: trangs golves
Shoes: Goreboots
Ring#1: bulkathos
Ring#2: Ravenfrost
Necklace: Cats eye

PS: is to-hit based on clvl?
Clvl is a factor in the to-hit formula. The higher level you are in comparison to your target, the better chance you have to hit and the less chance he has to hit you. It's a small difference, AR and Def still play the biggest roles.

Have you considered Angelic Amulet and Ring(s)?
I dont have an ammy to go with it.
But yea, I dunno my friends zon gets killed in 2~3 hits but I cant get him, also how do you kill a litjav. They kill you as soon as they touch you
Tgods ftw

10 chars
ok, so I got a angelic ammy.

Is there anyon e on west scnl who could come on with me and let me trst some things with them, and mebe show me a few pointers, I'm new to dueling. I spose this should be in player matchup but its still kinda on topic.
1st: get rid of BK, its a totally worthless and overrated ring... its for like Hammerdins and Windies usually; sorcs usually use soj for mana shield. Get another 19-20 dexterity ravenfrost. Make sure your block is around 70-75% (xtra raven +sandstorm treks/waterwalks will help that :). Versus barbs and zons this is very important, otherwise block is pretty much worthless against any other combination : /

2nd: work on your tactics... if your friends a bowazon, I use my signature "suicide drop" method (I didn't really invent it lol, but its all g) with my fireclaw bear and with equal or greater frw I almost never lose >< :

first off, summon 5 ravens, 5 spirit wolves,& oak-- bo each of them outside out of reach. Stay in human form until your rdy to attack (it might even help for teleporting to use Arachnids:). Basically when you see her on the map tele past her a few times or around the peremeter, just to confuse her and wait for the right moment. hug corners if all possible for shelter. Also, usually your pets will take the blunt of the damage mostly so dont worry. When the time is right, resummon your pets and tele-drop right behind her into shape form and click right on her so you're riding her neck all the way... For you I'd choose not to fury 'cause if you miss you'll continue to swing and it'll slow you down... your best bet is to go for the rabies, then tele away... if your rabies isn't strong enough to one hit ko a zon then there's something wrong ><

light Javs: the godly ones have 10-11k bolts, so gbye even with sorb
In this duel, well I'm no exper on wolves, but I will say chasing them wont help your odds 'cause they are quick at landing a hit while your running. I'd shift+Fury namelock them, get Tgods+stacked light resist GC's+Guardian Angel... it's pretty cheap I know but since so many are fc these days I don't really feel so bad sorbing their asses. Having Max block in this matchup is prolly more helpful than anything 'cause dodge f's you over so bad.

vs Hammerdins= Anghellic Ammy+ 2xrings
Barbs= Anghellic Ammy&ring +1xraven
Hey, my charms are 6xSSgc with minor mods, 22life,6life,+6 str etc.
I am getting whiped out in pvp.
Hammerdins just tele near me and hit me with a few hammers and I go into unshift mode.
Trapsins mb me al day then trap me into unshifter mode
javvies just slay me
barbs I can sometimes deal with, but they have insane life.

Also is a ebotdgpa good, what is the bonuses of using it over zerk/ss.
and should I try to get a deaths web, even thouigh they are so expensive.

[edit] I just found an ethgpa and made it six socket so if yuo says its good I may make one.
What charms are you using?

I was about to comment on thís one, but you beat me to it.

What you want is not Shapshifting GC's, but SC's with +max/AR in melee situations.

GPA vs. zerker, it's obvious. Range is the key here. If your opponents has unblockable attacks, you'll save a couple of yards running towards him, which is really a major factor in PvP. Range 5 is long - REALLY LONG. It's like watching a Peter North movie if you're a japanese guy. You want believe how long it is until you've seen it! (J/K)

The Zerker is great, because it's range 3, which is also sort of long, but you NEED a range 5 weapon as backup.

hmmm, well.. I pose I should try to get some ar scs though I just used my last 3hrs on my ebotdgpa and some Shifter gcs. Last question being, how good is the dweb trick. I hear from some people that getting one will cost like 10hr but I just missed someone who sold his for 1. Anyone know how much they cost and how effective it is.
BTW im Wscnl
I have a similar setup to yours and @ lvl90 with 9ss GC's metalgrid and 2 ravens
I'm looking @ 22k AR (enough to hit anything) If I use a +3ss amulet with life I 'm down to 18k (enough to hit anything) I maxed ww, only 1 point into oak.
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