Anyone wanna Quest...?


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Sep 21, 2003
Anyone wanna Quest...?

Seeing how...I am making a rubberband ball that is already the size of a baseball(started 1 hour ago)...I'm looking for better things to do...since i foudn myself with some free time...I was wondering if any1 wants to quest with me...I'm at the very begginning of act 2 right now...I'm a level 19 sorce. I don't have alot of time left tonight....but saturday and sunday I should have all day/ both days. If anyone is interested message me at *Riebz
Jules said:
I'd love to quest with you and enchant you as soon as i get a new d2 disc you up for

no are to pathetically stupid and hypocritical to ever talk to me again...shutup noob and GIB ITAMZ!!11 lol

Of course I'm just palying Jules...I'd love to get some sweet @$$ enchant from make my vicious melee sorce....

And OT but is there any trees in your yard...I was kinda thinknig staying the night at your house...and TPing you while everyone is asleep MWHAHAHAHA
:clap: :lol:
Jules said:
How can u toilet paper my house while ur spending the night at my house nooo i shall pwnzarz u

MUWAHHAHA its the perfect crime MUWAHAHAHA

anyhow sorry i failed to mention but Im on Useast Hc Ladder
Turns girlfriend ditched me tonight for another girl :scratch: go figure...So I will be avalible most of the " :rant: Wonderful :rant: " friday night
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