Anyone use dialup still?


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Dec 1, 2004
Anyone use dialup still?

Howdy, I've been playing for a couple years, and I have a friend on dialup thinking about picking D2 up.
I'm wondering if D2 is really playable online with dialup?
Used to a year ago on a really bad connection that would top at 36kbps. It is possible but there is a hell of a lot of lag so dont even start thinking about playing hardcore.
When I played with dial-up, lag was difficult in some areas, but the game was still enjoyable.
Everyday I play few hours at home over dialup with no problems. If you have a good / stabile provider then dialup is more then enough. Played also on high speed (2Mbit) connection and I didn’t notice any difference (as much as I did over dialup). Problems could come from your provider or Bnet server. Dialup is more then enough.
Assuming that an analog connection is meant with dialup, there is a very noticeable difference between an analog connection and DSL or ISDN. Response times (aka ping) are significantly higher on an analog line and they tend to break down from time to time which is barely tolerable if you play HC.

However, the difference between ISDN and DSL isn't that great with respect to the influence of response times on gameplay.

Diablo transfers about 1 MB per hour IIRC, so transfer speed isn't really a factor, no matter if you are using an analog line or anything else.
I play using a 56K modem and apart from occasional excessive bouts of lag I'm able to play ok.

I don't play hardcore because of connection issues but if your softcore the occasional death due to the lag beast isn't enough to spoil my gaming.

If you're really worried about lag outs try a safety build. I'm currently playing my skelemancer and I can lag out for 20 seconds+ and still be alive once its over. The same can sort of be said for trappasins. A few traps, Shadow, merc and cloak of shadows, mind blast can keep you fairly safe if you get any connection issues.

I'm in the UK by the way and my ISP is pretty stable and seems to be fairly speedy compared to other dialups I've tried (using NDO).
I used a low latency dial-up connection for years, and had no trouble.

I have the same latency problems when I play on my laptop at work - sitting next to a Cisco 12000 with an OC3 backbone to the internet.
yes everyday at home 44.0 is my best connection. They came through last year an put fiber cable in down my street but decide that my township was to small to put in the need items for internet. I can get digital cable though if I want to pay more than I pay for my dish and get less.......damn cable companies. Every township around me has it but me. I however have a t1 at work I just can't play there.
If you have dial-up which I had till a few months ago, use the hardcore builds, and play softcore. You will come to a point according to how well built your character is and how good your items are, that It will be very difficult to level up could be from 80 to 97 depending.
Also get used to playing solo, as you will actually see items drop that way, :p otherwise you will wonder why nothing falls, and your ping is better too.
On a cherfull note, It was very funny to play with my friends, they on dsl me on dialup, after lag hit their uber chars were dead and my pindly weird build was still holding the fort.
Also take care of your merc they are vital for your survival as they do not suffer lag :)
After my best friend used my characters, he adquired a new respect for mercenaries, and now takes care in their planing and equipment.
well i used to play d2 .09 that time 56k was laggy because of summer
but now i don't know since i use cable now
but many ppl say they can play fine with 56k but they say they can't rush other ppl :yawn: other then that it should be fine
It can be quite playable with dial up. I just went from it to DSL and the improvements were mainly a somewhat reduction in lag (was not too bad on dial up however) and some of the slow loading areas i.e., Eldritch were much improved. The animation after killing Shrenk is also much better with little to zero lagging. So, in general you should get better performance with DSL or Cable but decent dial up is still very much playable.
I did have some kind of problem with Battlenet using DSL. I kept getting temp banned which I suspect was due to some issue with them thinking I was making many connections which I was not. I wrote to their tech support, got the standard replies but the problem suddenly stopped at the same time. So I do not know if they fiddled with some settings or look for something different with connections by users.
I lag on occasion but for the most part no problems. I rushed people and I've been rushed, and when i'm in 8 player baal games I rarely have a problem, but on the days when I'm laggy I'm so laggy you can't do anything. I also have 2 characters logged into every game I play but Baal or Hell ancients because of the gaurenteed extra Exp gain and for the very slight extra drop chance. both are on the same Dial-up connection.
I use a 56k dialup connection, and for the most part it's fine. My biggest lag problem is Baal runs with a bunch of folks--often they plow right through the minions without my ever seeing them. I guess they think I'm just leaching, but no--I'm laaaaaaaaaaging!!! :rant:

My phone company is offering DSL in our little rural area now. I may switch over and see how it goes. I'm getting a little tired of waiting for some web pages to take forever to load as well.

Tanith :idea:
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