any vendors sells white war scepters?


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Jul 5, 2007
any vendors sells white war scepters?

I'm looking for a good base for a "Honor" scepter (I'm playing untwinked, self-found hardcore) and I figured my pally could use a scepter with bonuses to the skills he uses. that said, I have two questions:

1) Who (if anyone) sells white war scepters? (ofc once I hit nightmare I can try for a divine scepter, but for now the war scepter will do, I don't want to make the runeword so late in the game that it will be useless)

2) assuming I can get one from a vendor, what will be its ilvl? I ask that because I want to use a socket quest to give it 5 sockets. will it have a preset ilvl (which would screw me up)? or will its ilvl based on my clvl?

thanks in advance!
Re: any vendors sells white war scepters?

You cannot buy a war scepter which will get five socets from any vendor. However, what you really want for "Honor" is a Divine Scepter, since they have the same lvl req as the highest rune in "honor".

Ilvls are capped for vendors in normal, I don't remember them exactly, but I do know that once you hit ilvl 25, all vendor sold items will be blue, ergo it is not possible to shop a base for "honor".
Re: any vendors sells white war scepters?

Don't forget to pop weapon racks - maybe you'll get lucky.
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