Any interest in the Random tournament I hosted a few times (~07-12)

Interested in either?

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Feb 23, 2006
See title. (The only modification from 2012 would be to allow rerunning of areas as an optional rule)

I was debating this or a new "The Brute" tournament.
Specific Rules:
Must Use a 2-handed Axe or Maul.
2 points per level must be put into Strength.
Classes allowed: Barbarian and Paladin.
You may rerun an areas.
MP is allowed with other tournament characters.
Skill not giving a hit are not allowed to be used for damage. (warcry or fist of heavens for example)
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Hmmm...surely for "The Brute," it would be oh so appropriate to allow shifter Druids?

Hi Vang! Good to see you here, too! I'd definitely be interested in a Random tourney. Since I haven't seen you around lately, I was thinking about hosting one myself (and even had an idea for a slight twist - the pandemic edition), but of course I let you take the lead on your tourney!

EDIT: I'm not of fan of rerunning though, but I can just ignore that part, I guess :unsure: :)

EDIT2: Thinking about it - the brute sounds nice, too. Finally a way of building up that charge Paladin! (Two-handed staffs allowed, too???) Probably not, although clubbing someone on the head with a staff can be quite brutish, I guess?)
@WoRG I'd be okay for "The Brute" allowing Werebear.

@Grisu I'm not a fan of rerunning, but my time is limited and sometimes doing monotonous things is fun (For scoring a no-rerunning would be the ideal bracket) I'd love to here your twist though if you want to take the lead Grisu!

For "The Brute" Staves I suppose would also qualify and would be an odds not to use for most people due to the rolls of modifiers.
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