Any interest in a Diablo (D&D) play-by-post game?


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Nov 9, 2005
First, let it be known, I haven't talked to any moderators about this yet, mostly because, well, I'm not sure who to talk to!

I know there is some love/hate around the Mafia games, it's a lot to moderate. I think a thread dedicated to roleplaying doesn't have huge potential to turn into a dumpster fire, and would not require any more moderation than any other non-mafia type thread.

I have access to all sorts of books, including the actual Diablo themed AD&D books. Access to these books would not be required to play, nor would any previous knowledge of roleplaying in general, or the (A)D&D system, on part of any interested players.

I would be willing to run the game.
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You my need the Krishy Signal for this one!

Or use the Bat- @krischan Phone!

I would likely play as D&D was one of my played games as a youngun, dunno about @Dredd or @Noodle or the others.

I never has source books or anything like that but read a lot of books, mainly Dragonlance.
I hadn't read any of Dragonlance, but I see a lot of references to really good material and setting within the series. I'll keep my eyes open at the local bargain bins.
You my need the Krishy Signal for this one!

Or use the Bat- @krischan Phone!
Oh, I didn't know that it still exists :)

Thanks for the offer, but I already have enough D&D sessions running and to be honest, play by mail/post isn't really my thing.
I don't even know how this would work? Would this be like a post by post thing, would this eventually move to like a virtual/online format (kind of like a zoom meeting thing so we can all stare at each others ugly faces?)
Play by post games work fine in my experience, they are very relaxed as far as the pacing goes. Usually allow a considerable amount of time for specific actions, and have a precise marching order and standard operations clearly defined for when action needs to continue for some reason.

Virtual would be neat, and I'm totally not opposed to it. There are some free to use virtual tabletops out there, but I've never tried to use one. Seen it done on livestreams, seems easy enough.

I'd have to buy a cam and mic to do anything like that.
Most laptops have a built in mic now a days and honestly you don't want to see this ugly anyway.
I would only be in 100%, as any more would be a mathematical impossibility. Well, improbability.

I'll start brushing up on the sourcebooks, and putting a little something together. Sounds like we've got at least a handful of interested parties!
Noodles are a very soft target. You may have better luck with a bludgeoning weapon! Or burn it with....

Well obviously I must be a fire mage, because, duh. Cast fireball!

Edit: PS, I've never played any version of D&D and know of no actual spells or classes outside of what my brother randomly told me off hand.
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I flank with my free-5'-step and Sneak Attack.

I could be down to give it a go... never done a post-by-post, but have done virtual games. Roll20 used to be pretty good, but it's been awhile.
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