Any easy fix for my AR?


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Nov 20, 2009
Any easy fix for my AR?

Right now, my barb is lvl 80, a ww maul barb.
His equipments are
"ber"ed arreats face
Draculs glove
1 raven frost, 1 bk ring
gorerider boots
fortitude archon plate
highlords amulet
Tons of 175/20 scs mixed with ar/life, max/ar/life scs

The problem is that with these equipments my barb only has around 5k AR for whirlwind, which is pathetic. Is there any easy fix for my AR? And may I ask how much AR should be needed if I want to pvm as well as PVP?
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

The BK ring does you no good. You have plenty of leech from Arreats and Draculs, the +life is small and can't be used in conjunction with battle orders, and the +skills doesn't do much for physical based builds either. Go for a ring that gives higher AR - another ravens should give about 1k AR. Better yet, a good crafted or rare ring will give decent AR and other good stats.

You might want to swap out that Highlords with a different item as well. Though the DS is nice, WW barbs don't benefit from off weapon IAS.
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

hmmm so perhaps I can switch my bk ring with ravenfrost and amulet with a metalgrid, I do remember having it somewhere..would that be good?
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

sacrificing the highlords is going to be hard, but you have to do it if you want to significantly boost your AR.

i personally would go with metalgrid/raven/raven.
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

thx for the input guys. I have one more question...some barb that i dueled he said he had 20k AR with 2 angelic rings and ammy, how did he get that high? I only managed to get 9k AR with 2 20 dex ravens and metalgrid ammy
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

Because he is using two Angelic Halo and Angelic Wings. The give much more AR than Ravenfrost and Metalgrid, but you lose the resists, CBF and extra dex from your setup.

In case you didn`t know Angelic Halo has a set bonus where you get 12 AR per level if you wear another piece of the set (in this case the amulet).
Re: Any easy fix for my AR?

also try 1 pt in battle cry
it gives -50% def and -25% damage at level 1!

but not sure if it works in pvp...
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